How to Create a Serene Space with Wall Tiles

If you're looking to create a calming aesthetic in the home, read our blog to find out how wall tiles can bring a serene and comforting feel to interiors.

How to create a serene space with wall tiles
Marmori Calacatta White Polished Tile | Polesden Art White Tile

If you're often busy and your work schedule is filled to the brim, then it's important to come home and unwind from the stresses of the day. Whilst a nice hot bath and a face mask can help, it's important to create a space that can evoke relaxation too.

We all know good interior design won't help you prepare for that 9am meeting, but it certainly will help to create a zone that is calming and restoring. Wall tiles are a good place to start, and can be used in more places than you think - creating the ultimate sanctuary-like setting.

So, if you're keen to create a space that boasts calm and relaxation, then read our blog to find out how wall tiles can help you achieve it!

Serene Spaces
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Choose Your Wall Tile Colour Carefully

Impacting your home and your mood, colours can transform the look and feel of an interior scheme. To create an ambience that oozes tranquility, we recommend opting for neutral-coloured wall tiles. Bathrooms are a good place to channel your inner calm, and ideal for using more pared-back colour palettes and tiles. Whilst it will look clean and aesthetically pleasing, the neutral tones will elevate the area, creating an idyllic space for those much-needed relaxing nights in.

Neutral colours also work perfectly with soft shades of green and blue, evoking a soothing feel and naturally diffusing anxiety. So why not pair muted toned wall tiles with a lick of green paint and embrace earthy themes? Our Nature Bone Tiles look stunning next to a green backdrop, creating a timeless feel that prioritises wellbeing and nature.

Nature Bone Tiles and Marmori Calacatta White Polished Tiles
Nature Bone Tile | Nature Bone Mosaic Tile | Nature Bone Concept Tile

Incorporate Textured Wall Tiles

Stone-effect and textured tiles also prove to be particularly popular when creating a calming aesthetic. Styled amongst layers or used on their own, textured tiles will enhance your interior completely, adding depth and preventing a room from looking flat.

Polesden Art White Tiles, Knole Concept White Tiles and Cliveden Concept White Tiles
Left: Polesden Art White Tile | Middle: Knole Concept White Tile | Right: Cliveden Concept White Tile

It's also important to not overwhelm the room with too much texture, as this will create an overly busy look and will have the opposite effect. Instead, break the texture up by using it in small doses or by incorporating it through raw materials like wood or natural décor.

As seen with our Knole Concept White Tiles, they work seamlessly within dining spaces alongside an array of textured elements, creating an on-trend Scandi feel. Whilst the room looks gentle and peaceful, it also presents itself with a welcoming and warming edge, perfect to come home to after a long day.

It's important that we look after ourselves, so we hope this blog has inspired you to create your own serene haven. If you decide to use any of our wall tiles within your space, then don't forget to tag us on Instagram @ctdtiles.

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