3 of the Best Metro Wall Tile Looks

A timeless surface choice that resembles the tiling found in classic subway stations, metro brick tiles have popped up from the underground and made their way into the modern home. Suiting both modern and traditional properties, this popular look is perfect for those looking to add a touch of industrial charm to their homes.

Working beautifully as splashbacks and feature walls across every area of the home, we’ve pulled together three of our favourite looks that you can achieve with metro wall tiles.

Harmoniously Horizontal

Traditionally, the metro tile was found in a horizontal brick pattern which is still a popular and stylish option today. Great in the kitchen or behind a basin in the bathroom, horizontal tiles are simple, stylish, practical and offer great value for money compared to more expensive options like granite or marble. You can even try using them as a backdrop to your cooker and extractor hob! Our lovely Poitiers tiles, that measure at 300 x 75mm and are available in a range of on-trend colourways, are the perfect upgrade to any living space. Use this glossy tile on its own for elegant simplicity, or pair with other colourways from the Poitiers range for the ultimate contrasting statement – you really can’t go wrong!
Horizontal Purple Kitchen Wall Tiles

Pictured: Dyroy Aubergine

Vibrantly Vertical

Metro wall tiles can also be placed vertically, providing a captivating alternative to the classic horizontal look. This format works particularly well in tight spaces to draw the eye to the sky, creating the illusion of higher walls and ceilings. 

They can also be used to complement the surrounds of your kitchen island or simply as a splashback to your worktops. Our Dyroy Green tiles will bring a whole new perspective to interiors and can also be mixed with additional colours from the range for a completely unique look. The natural shade variation in the tile not only exudes a characterful aesthetic but also complements interiors with bold colour that will last for years to come. For the ultimate colour combination for your walls, the Dyroy Green and Blue tiles work wonderfully together, particularly when mixed with art déco influences, accents of black and statement contemporary accessories to finish.

Vertical Tiles in a Blue Kitchen Setting

Pictured: Dyroy Blue, Dyroy Green

Heavenly Herringbone

A unique twist on a classic shape, the herringbone wall tile pattern is the perfect way to let your creativity shine with standard subway tiles. Whilst it’s a slightly harder pattern to lay, the effect can be stunning, especially when a mix of colours is used. 

The herringbone pattern also works well for taller spaces, such as shower rooms and bathrooms. When placed at 90 degrees it can seriously draw the eye and create visual interest. If you’re keen to take the plunge and incorporate this look into your home, have a read of our step-by-step blog on how to lay herringbone tiles.

High Gloss Herringbone Wall Tiles Tile

Pictured clockwise from top left: Poitiers Azure Blue Gloss, Poitiers Green Gloss, Poitiers Rose Pink Gloss

We hope this blog has helped you explore the many ways this ever-popular tile can be used throughout the home. If you’re keen to see the tiles we have on offer for this look, take a browse here.

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