5 Ways to Decorate Your Walls with Blue

blue walls

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Walls are the base of decoration for every room – the colours, textures and patterns we choose for them set the scene for the rest of the space. The calming yet bold sentiments posed by blue can often make it a daunting shade to introduce into a room, especially through the walls, but this blog is here to squash all worries and show you how beautiful blue can really be.

blue walls

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Blue Feature Wall

A striking and daring way to incorporate blue into interiors is through a feature wall. A feature wall is when one wall is dedicated to a specific colour or pattern that demands attention, and receives it; at centre stage it is important that it is executed with precision and flair.

From a rich royal hue to a gentle sky blue, whichever shade you want your feature wall to be, it’s vital to think about what finish you’d like to display. By simply choosing to paint the wall you will need to introduce and decorate with complementary accents, for example with metallic items in gold or brass, to ensure your feature wall stands out as it should. 

Choosing a wallpaper or even tiles for your feature wall will make it more dramatic, meaning you need to carefully choose what hues to pair it with. Whites and creams or yellows and reds, for those bold enough, are just a few colours that complement blue and create a masterpiece of an interior. Your blue feature wall will not fail to create an impact if you follow these few tips.

blue tiles

Tiles are a great way to decorate a wall – they can add colour, texture, pattern, or all of the above! They offer a plethora of possibilities in terms of what they can be paired with and how you want them to appear. Layering your scheme with different hues of blue is an effective way to decorate with this colour – it can create a balance of shades and finishes so the room isn’t too one dimensional.

We offer a gorgeous range of blue tiles that are perfect for introducing this colour into the home, from the glossy shine of our Poitiers Blue tiles to the patterned bonanza of our Varadero Azure tiles; tiles are a fun and striking way to create an impact with blue.

blue kitchen

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An Abundance of Blue

Bringing in blue through key pieces such as cabinetry or tiles, as displayed in the photos above, allows the colour to be injected into the home in a much more powerful manner, and displays the abundance of possibilities the colour possesses. For an impactful finish in the kitchen, consider using different shades of blue on your splashback tiles and cabinetry, mixing up lighter and darker tones whilst sticking to the overall blue theme. Alternatively, coordinate your walls and focal point furniture, such as your central freestanding island, in the same blue shade – creating a cohesive and coordinated scheme.

blue interior

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Blue Accents

A subtle way of incorporating blue into your walls is through accents; these smaller and gentle introductions of this bold colour are an impactful and easy solution. Blue is able to provide a gorgeous pop of joy within any interior – choosing either a statement splashback or bright cabinetry in a mass of these hues can aid in elevating the space. Paired with either a neutral or maximalist colour palette, these accents pose endless possibilities of what can be achieved.

blue rooms

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Contrasting Colours

Teaming blues with contrasting colours makes for a dramatic and impactful interior. For the brave and daring, combining with shades of red or orange creates an interesting and vivacious space that is sure to catch the eyes of all of your guests. Incorporating metals is a great way to tie these colours together, gold is a great example that is able to complement such a striking shade and supply a sense of drama to the room whilst not overpowering the space.

blue walls

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Blue is not for the weak; it’s a daring and vibrant colour that adds a depth of character into the home with an irreversible effect. Through either tiles, wallpaper, paint, or accents, this gorgeous colour offers an abundance of interior effects that inject a striking atmosphere into your home.

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