Colour Confidence: How To Style Coloured Tiles

Date: August 17th, 2022 CTD Tiles

How to Style Coloured Tiles in the Home

Welcoming bright blues and fiery reds, colour in the home has grown in popularity and we’re beginning to see a dramatic shift from neutral to vibrant interior aesthetics.

In this blog we’re going to take a look at how to style different coloured tiles, and show you that much more can be done to a space when you simply add a pop of colour!

How to Style Red Tiles

Image Credits: (Left) Titan Ruby Tile | (Right) Poiters Bordeaux Gloss Tile

Inject fire and passion into your life with red tiles! Seductive by nature, the colour red can accentuate both an interior style and your mood. So why not start the day energised and place red tiles in your bathroom or kitchen?

The Titan collection is a great example of colour confidence, the ruby metro tiles as bathroom tiles can provide a warm backdrop to your morning routine. Dressed in gold and brassy details, the vibrant shade can also add art déco flavour. Or create a charming kitchen space with the Bordeaux Poiters gloss tiles. When styled with a traditional kitchen aesthetic and adorned with beautiful flowers, it can create a romantic space for those much-needed nights in.

How to Style Blue Tiles

For a space that deserves peace and tranquillity, blue tiles are the perfect option for creating a relaxing environment.

The Aqua Dyroy tiles can add a holistic feel to even the most traditional of bathroom settings. The soft hues of blue, along with the worn tile effect, showcase a rustic feel, complementing vintage furnishings like a bath tub and patterned floor tiles.

Image Credits: @ironbridgeinteriors

How to Style Green Tiles

Revitalise your interior spaces with green coloured tiles; one of the most popular colourways of this year. For nature-inspired looks, green tiles are an ideal design choice and perfectly complement plants or any biophilic items you may have.

The Dyroy collection provides a beautiful selection of bold tiles. The green and blue tiles pair well together, and when used in a colour block design it can create an industrial feel, great for kitchen spaces.

Image Credits: (Wall) Dyroy Green Tile & Dyroy Blue Tile (Floor) Constrasti Tappeto Antracite Tile & Constrasti Bianco Tile

How to Style Purple Tiles

Create impact with purple tiles and express your own personal style, it’s certain to create a glamorous and elegant edge to your tiled spaces.

Image Credits: (Right) Wall: Dyroy Aubergine, Polesden White Floor: Cuban White Star @ptbathrooms

The Aubergine tiles from the Dyroy collection work well as a splash back for the kitchen, adding texture to a colour-drenched scheme. Adorn with gold accents and black utensils to ignite a luxurious feel and add sophistication to the room.

How to Style Pink Tiles

To achieve a pretty in pink bathroom or kitchen, use pink tiles to add an eye-popping twist to your functional room.

Image Credits: (Left) Varadero Rose Hexagon Tile (Right) Poitiers Rose Pink Gloss Tile @hamlynhome

The Varadero tiles can enhance any personal space, creating a delightful backdrop for modern interiors. The geometric patterns add visual interest, adding impact and evoking wow factor across the home. The pale pink colour can also add contrast to an interior, complementing monochrome accents and dark appliances with everlasting style.

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