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Raised Pedestal System

On terraces, balconies or where under tile access is required, it's possible to build a raised level floor that still allows rainwater drainage. This can also be used to create a flat floor over a sloped surface using our recommended Pedestal Prime® system. See our Installation Guide for more info.

Pedestal Prime Support PR1 30-65mm Pedestal

Code: D0012637
£4.69 each

Pedestal Prime Support PR2 65-155mm Pedestal

Code: D0012638
£5.89 each

Pedestal Prime Support PR3 155-420mm Pedestal

Code: D0012639
£9.38 each

Pedestal Prime Self Levelling Head

Code: D0012640
£1.20 each

Pedestal Prime Locking System

Code: D0012641
£0.32 each

Pedestal Prime Adjustment Key

Code: D0012642
£35.84 each

Pedestal Prime Perimeter Spacer

Code: D0012643
£1.43 each

Pedestal Prime Head Clip For Vertical Closure

Code: D0012644
£8.68 each

Pedestal Prime Base Clip For Vertical Closure

Code: D0012645
£7.28 each

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