How to Use Colour and Pattern in the Kitchen

The thought of using colour and pattern in the kitchen can feel quite daunting, particularly if you are used to a more pared-back style. Creating that balance between injecting interest and sticking with your personal style is key, and there are numerous ways to successfully do it.

Colour and pattern doesn’t have to mean overbearing and loud. There are ways of working with both that will suit any manner of design scheme, from the sleek and modern to the cosy and traditional. From patterned tiled floors to colourful splashbacks, we’ve put together our top tips on how to bring colour and pattern into the kitchen in a way that’ll suit your home and your style.

Use Tiles to Bring Pattern into a Neutral Scheme

If you’re a neutral palette kind of person, this doesn’t mean you can’t add a bit of interest. Patterned tiles come in a huge variety of shades and designs, which means you can still incorporate some detail in more muted tones.

Encaustic-inspired tiles are ideal for a subtle hint of pattern on a splashback or on the kitchen floor. Often with a matt surface finish, these kind of tiles lend themselves really well to more country-inspired settings, offering a relaxed appeal. Patterns in earthy tones such as sage greens and sky blues will pair beautifully with pale cabinetry.

Pattern into a Neutral Scheme

Top left: Varadero | Bottom Left and Right: Cuban

Go Dark All Over

For those who do want to embrace colour in a big way, colour drenching is the next big thing. From your cabinetry to your tiles and accessories, if you’re going to go for it then why not really go for it. Dark colours can create a sumptuous and comforting feel and done correctly can work in both modern and traditional homes. Colour drenching is basically choosing one main base colour and using it in different variations across the entire room. From floor to ceiling, if you commit to colour drenching your kitchen is certain to pack a punch!

Dark Kitchen Tiles

Left: Cuban White Ornate | Right: Cuban

Create a Focal Point Splashback

Splashbacks are a great way of injecting some colour and pattern into the kitchen (have a read of our blog on splashback ideas here). They are the perfect height to draw the eye and are the ideal place to get creative. 

If you’re opting for an overall neutral palette and want your splashback to be the main focus of colour and pattern, then the world is your oyster. As it will be your main injection of colour, you can choose any shade to make your statement. If you’re feeling really adventurous, why not opt for multiple colours and variations? Alternatively, if you’re looking to add a pop of contrast to an already colourful scheme, just make sure you’re happy with how the colours sit against each other. Contrasting colours can still complement each other, you just have to make sure they’re the right tone.

Colourful Splashback Tiles

Image: Poitiers Tile Range

Add Pattern to the Floor with Tiles

The kitchen floor is the ideal place to bring some pattern into your scheme. Patterned floor tiles will add character and fun to the space, and with so many designs on offer you’ll be spoilt for choice. Start off by deciding what colours you want to come through in the patterned tile - do you want to go for a bold pastel hexagon pattern? Or perhaps a more Victorian-type monochrome style?

An encaustic-inspired design will add a bit of modern retro wow-factor, whilst you can also think of pattern in terms of wood grains. Wood-effect tiles are perfect for adding some textural pattern to your floor and will provide an organic and subtle touch to the overall kitchen aesthetic.

Patterned Floor Tiles.

Left: Dyroy | Right: Cuban

Colourful Feature Wall

We’ve all heard of a feature wall, and there’s a reason they’re still around after so many years! Some rooms in the home, in particular kitchens, can feel a bit enclosed if all of the walls are painted in a bold shade. A feature wall gives you the opportunity to make a statement and tie the room together without overwhelming the entire space.

A burst of bright colour on a feature wall will create a striking effect, but make sure you opt for something that works with the rest of your kitchen - whether it’s contrasting or a similar shade to the rest of the space, make sure it works for you. Use paint testers and tile samples to see what the colours will look like throughout the entire day and in different lights, this will help you to determine what colours and finishes will work best.

Colourful Feature Wall Tile

Left: Dyroy | Right: Poitiers

Colourful Cabinetry

Long gone are the days when homeowners automatically chose ‘normal’ colours for their cabinetry. We’re now in a time when creativity is at its height and people want to stamp their own marks on their interior décor. Whilst black and white might still be prevalent, the increasing popularity of coloured kitchen cabinetry in shades such as green, blue and even warmer terracotta tones is particularly present in today’s Instagram and Pinterest-worthy world.

Colourful Kitchen Cabinetry

Left: Rock | Right: Varadero

Colour and pattern can be so vast and varied - there’s no one size fits all! How you choose to balance colour and pattern in your home is completely down to your preferences and tastes, but don’t feel afraid to explore, try that little pop of colour and that added fun pattern… you might be surprised what you end up liking!

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