The Top Kitchen Trends to Follow in 2023

The focal point of every home, the kitchen can be an inspiring and creative space delivering tantalising tastes and bold design. Kitchen trends are quick to emerge and change – from colour palettes and tiles to finishes and patterns – so catch the latest with our round-up of the most popular kitchen trends for 2023.

The top kitchen trends to follow in 2023
Image Credits – Top Left: | Bottom Left: Middle Hiske Ligtenberg | Right: CTD Tiles, Alba Blue Royal Tile

Bright and Bold Colour Palettes

Bright and bold colour palettes
Image Credits – Top: | Bottom Left: CTD Tiles, Poitiers Bordeaux Tile | Bottom Right: CTD Tiles, Arles collection

Following the current emergence of the vivacious interior trend, one that doesn't stray far from maximalism, bright and bold is back – and better than ever. The declaration of Viva Magenta as Pantone's 2023 Colour of the Year has seen trends emerge that infuse this vivacious and brave sentiment – which can be perfectly encapsulated in the kitchen with bright coloured tiles such as our Poitiers Bordeaux Tiles, especially when combined with pink cabinetry.

Introducing powerful and bright colour palettes into the kitchen encourages light into the room and injects happiness into the heart of the home. From bright mint cabinetry to pink details, the sky's the limit when it comes to dopamine-infused interiors. To embrace this trend, don't restrict yourself – go for colours and styles that just make you feel good!

Blue and Green to be Seen

Blue and green to be seen
Image Credits – Top Left: CTD Tiles, Dyroy and Contrasti collections | Bottom Left: deVOL Kitchens | Right: CTD Tiles, Poitiers Mint Green Gloss Tile and Havana White Garden Tile

Luxurious hues of blue and green are going to be especially popular in kitchens for 2023; a classic combination of colours that do not lack impact. Light or dark tones of these shades work superbly together, complementing each other to perfection and inviting in neutral accents to enhance the overall feel of the space.

Opt for one colour on your splashback and another on your cabinetry and floor for stunning impact, or for a unique approach, consider combining the same tile in two different shades – as seen here using our Dyroy Tiles in both green and blue.

Serene Spaces

Whilst colour is hot on the agenda for kitchens in 2023, more pared-back and serene spaces will also remain a popular design choice. Tied to the desire to create at-home sanctuaries, a neutral palette will create a calming look and feel within the home, ensuring that serenity is just a small step away. Light textured details and wooden accents are perfect for placing agaisnt a neutral backdrop, bringing a sense of comfort to the area, transforming it into a great place to socialise.

Serene spaces
Image Credits – Left: CTD Tiles, Tiffany White Tile | Top Right: Knole Concept White Tile | Bottom Right:

Here at CTD Tiles, we offer a variety kitchen tiles that will encourage this relaxing look, from the wonderfully riven surface of the Knole Concept White Tile to the smooth appeal of the Simplicity White Gloss Tile, it is yet another trend that we have covered across our collection to ensure the kitchen is a stress-free zone – as much as it can be that is!

Marvellous Marble Splashbacks

Marble-tiled splashbacks are also set to be a popular choice within kitchens in 2023 – a decadent addition that does not fail to add a wow factor. The subtle veining found across the surface can be paired with both neutral or bold colour palettes; delivering a deluxe look that will never disappoint. When incorporating this material why not pair it with elegant metallics to transform your kitchen into a luxurious space where delicious food can be made and many glasses of wine can be poured.

Marvellous marble splashbacks
Image Credits – CTD Tiles, Carrara Brick Matt Tile

Trends come and go, but luckily CTD Tiles supplies and manufactures a plethora of products that ensure quality is never lacking, as well as style. But the taste factor, well, that's all on you.

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