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A Guide to Popular Kitchen Style and Complementary Tiles

Article by Antonia Ludden from TidyLife

Maybe you've already chosen the kitchen cabinets and worktops, but are feeling less sure about which tiles to opt for? It's understandable with such a huge choice out there! In this blog we're going to have a look at why tiles are such an important choice in the kitchen, some of today's most popular kitchen styles and how you can choose the perfect tiles to complement the overall design.

Why Tiles are so Perfect in a Kitchen

Kitchens are one of the busiest rooms in the home and they need to be designed to withstand heavy usage. That means good hardwearing flooring and surfaces. As kitchen surfaces go, you can't get much better than tiles for durability and appearance. Tiles are so versatile and reliable! Coming in an almost endless choice of sizes, styles and colours, they are hygienic and easy to clean, too. Natural tiles like stone need a little more care and attention (for example sealing them to avoid staining) than manmade tiles e.g. porcelain or ceramic ones. Smooth, polished tile surfaces mean that any grease and grime can be easily wiped off and being moisture resistant they make great splashbacks behind the sink and hob, to protect the walls from water and food splatters. 

Not only are tiles great for the walls, they make a fantastic flooring option in a kitchen too. You can use them as creatively as you like, adding patterns or laying them in a non-traditional way, or featuring a contrasting grout, for example. Low maintenance tiles will last a long time in a kitchen and are also best for people with allergies as they don't harbour dust and allergens.

Shaker Kitchens

Replacing a kitchen is something we don't do very often so it makes sense to choose a kitchen style that is timeless. Something like a shaker kitchen for example never dates! You could try pairing a grey shaker kitchen with subway wall tiles - these two make the perfect partners! You can't go wrong with this combination and it's a look you'll likely never tire of. Metro tiles can be flat or bevelled at the edges, in neutral and bold colours or in a high gloss finish. Here the stunning Poitiers moonlight grey gloss tile has been applied in a stylish herringbone pattern, the perfect accompaniment to a lovely shaker cabinet door.

Moonlight Grey Kitchen Tiles

Poitiers Moonlight Grey Gloss Tile - 300 x 75mm - £54.99 per m2

Minimal Kitchens

Another good option is to choose a minimal kitchen without features that have the potential to date. Smooth handle-less doors look sleek and contemporary and can be any colour you choose, or simply natural.

With minimal cabinets, you can afford to make a statement with your wall or floor tile, so why not choose something with a nice shape, like a hexagon tile? If you want to keep things neutral, go with a white or buff tile, but let the hexagonal shape add interest and some contrast to the uniformity.

Minimalist Kitchen Tiles

Varadero Grey Hexagon Tiles - 228 x 198mm - £59.99 per m2 

If you are feeling bold, how about a stunning 'busy' floor tile to enliven and invigorate the space - something like this stunning Cuban design would work a treat: 

Bold Kitchen Tiles

Cuban White Ornate Tiles - 223 x 223mm - £54.99 per m2

Industrial Kitchens

An urban factory or industrial inspired look is an ever popular kitchen style. One for foodies, it has the look and feel of a professional catering establishment. Think lots of stainless steel, a professional range cooker and spray tap. These kitchens often feature a large central island where you can cook up a storm! This kind of utilitarian kitchen really suits a metro style tile and looks particularly great with a pattern worked into it. Something like a coloured border or stripe is ideal.Or for a more raw feel, a wood effect tile such as this:

Wood effect tiles are also great on the floor with this style of kitchen. Looking realistically like wood, but offering amuch more hygienic surface, as the smooth hardwearing surface won’t become ingrained with food and can be easily mopped clean.

Wood Effect Kitchen Tiles

Moulden Beige Matt Tiles - 1200 x 1200mm - £49.95 per m2

Modern Kitchens

In a smart new apartment, you'll usually expect to see an ultra-modern kitchen; glossy and well designed with lots of storage to keep clutter hidden. High shine cabinet doors and granite worktops look super sleek. Large floor tiles nicely complement this style of kitchen, whether plain or marbled or flecked with a hint of sparkle. On the walls, smooth concrete effect tiles can contrast nicely with the high gloss finish, adding a little earthiness but still looking cool and contemporary.

Smooth Concrete Effect Tiles

 Loft Grigio Tile - 750 x 750mm - £19.99 per m2

Opulent Kitchens

Who ever said kitchens couldn't be glam and luxurious? Glamour is always in fashion, so if your preference is for a chic black kitchen with a gold sink and tap, and a chandelier over a grand dining table, then a polished and sophisticated marble tile could be the perfect accent, either on the walls or floor, or both! 

Marble Kitchen Tiles

Tundra Sky Marble-effect Tiles and Nebula Marble Effect Tiles 

And there you have it, everything you need to know on how to choose the perfect tiles for your kitchen. Let us know how you get on!

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