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5 of the Best Kitchen Tile Splashback Ideas

From colour choice to pattern, your splashback can act as a stylish focal point in your kitchen. Whether you’re looking to add a pop of contrasting colour or make an eye-catching statement with layout, there’s plenty you can do with tiles to bring your individual style to life in the busiest room in the home.

Take a look at our 5 favourite splashback ideas for inspiration for your next kitchen project.

1. Vertical Metro Tiles

Traditionally, the metro tile is seen placed horizontally in a brick bond layout. In the past few years however, homeowners have taken to being a bit more creative with metro tiles, particularly when it comes to splashbacks. Placing the tiles vertically is a simple but effective way of adding a bit of interest to your kitchen scheme.

Vertical Metro Kitchen Tiles

For a uniform look, place the tiles in a linear formation – like @honey_were_almost_home has done here using our Dyroy Aubergine tiles. The colour variations help make a feature whilst the purple tones stand out beautifully in the monochrome modern kitchen space. A vertical brick bond layout can also have a fantastic impact, especially in a bold colour. Our Poitiers collection comes in a huge range of shades and so is perfect for those wanting to achieve this look. The Bordeaux tiles look exceptional against the pale pink hues of the cabinets and the brushed brass finishes, creating an all-over inspirational kitchen setting.

2. Jagged Edges

If you are wanting to be a bit more adventurous with your kitchen splashback, consider thinking a bit more outside the box. Jagged and non-uniform tile layouts are guaranteed to add an individual style twist to your scheme. The different heights of the edges and the freedom of the placement of the tiles creates a more organic aesthetic whilst acting as a stylish focal point. Stick with a complementary colour palette, but mix up a few different shades here and there in random placements or opt for a box of tiles that come in a variety of tones and patterns – like our Arles collection. Not a fan of colour? You can still achieve the jagged look with white metro tiles but just placing in a herringbone layout and keeping the edges exposed, like BM Project House has done here.

Jagged Edged Kitchen Tiles

Top Left Image: BM Project House, Bottom Left: Arles Tiles

3. Mix and Match Tiles

Sometimes it’s hard to make your mind up on a pattern, so instead of wracking your brain, just opt for multiple! A lot of tile collections are available in a variety of patterns in complementary hues and shades, so mixing and matching can be quite straightforward. A mixed tiled splashback is obviously quite a striking statement, so you need to be 100% on board if you’re going to take the plunge. Our Cuban collection is ideal for this approach – the key is not being too formulaic with your placement, try and be as random as you can and you’ll be left with a splashback that won’t disappoint.

Patterned Splashback Tiles

4. Large Tiled Splashbacks

Sometimes bigger is better, especially if you are seeking a minimalist and sleek appeal. Large format tiles will offer a feeling of spaciousness and when used as a kitchen splashback can also add the illusion of vertical height too. Large tiles have a number of benefits, one being you require fewer grout lines, making them really easy to install. For an overall contemporary finish, opt for the same tiles on your floor and splashback to create seamless continuity of style across your entire kitchen.

Large Kitchen Splashback Tiles

5. Textured Splashback Tiles

The past few years have seen homeowners seek more organic finishes and textures in their homes. The desire for interiors to have some connection to nature has led to an increased popularity in surfaces with more tactile appeal. A textured splashback in the perfect way to bring a hint of biophilic design into the kitchen. Our Tiffany collection is available in grey and white and provides the effect of exposed brickwork. The uneven surface and unpolished finish pairs perfectly with other natural textures and neutral tones, resulting in a kitchen space that is as calming as it is stylish.

Textured Tile Splashback

If a new kitchen splashback is next on your to-do list, head over to your kitchen splashback tiles page to make your selection! Don’t forget to tag us on Instagram to show us how you get on!

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