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Secrets to Styling a Spa Bathroom

Nothing quite compares to the comfort of your own home, particularly after a long and tiring day. To save you a costly weekend getaway to a spa, why not transform your bathroom into your very own sanctuary?

Think calming colours and comforting details, it doesn’t need to be a major makeover, a few simple updates will go a long way. If you’re ready to start your own spa experience, make sure to take note of these great ideas! You’ll be feeling zen in no time.

Get the Colour Right

Make sure to pick colours that are soothing, enveloping and inviting. You want the space to feel tranquil, therefore opting for hues that are easy on the eye is a great place to start. We often recommend starting with shades that feel like a balmy day at the beach, these can be anything from oyster and sand tones to warm greys and ocean blues.

Neutral spa bathroom inspiration

Image credit Left: White Company | Right: Angela Marie Made

Keeping your room neutral will allow for you to accessorise with blissful finishing touches to bring the scheme together. As well as colour, you can also incorporate natural materials that add timeless elegance, such as stone, pebble, marble and wood, each finish will make you feel like stepping into a luxurious spa.

Pick Some Pretty Tiles

If you’re keen to create the ultimate bathroom oasis, you can achieve a relaxing, calming effect with wood and stone-effect tiles. At CTD Tiles, we have an amazing selection that will provide you with the practicality of porcelain or ceramic with the appearance of natural materials.

Natural effect bathroom tiles

Image credit Left: @Houselust | Pictured Right: Marmori

Firm favourites of ours are Marmori and Kingston marble-effect tiles, the elegant finishes evoke a sense of grandeur, creating a spacious and inviting feel throughout. The tiles can be paired with minimalist detailings and a soft colour palette of cream and grey, for a retreat that is as elegant as it is soothing.

Top Styling Tip: Always consider large-format tiles for your bathroom. Even in small spaces, larger tiles create the illusion of a bigger space due to less grout lines.

Prepare for Pampering

Now for the fun part. It’s time to stock up on all your favourite spa-like indulgences! Make sure that you’ve got all your must-have sheet masks, body scrubs and bring it all to life by displaying them in pretty glass jars across your shelves and the countertops.

Accessories and delightfully fluffy towels can also be added into the mix to add that high-quality appeal. You can even invest in a tray and position your towels in a rolled up style.

Bathroom pampering essentials

Image credit Left: Magic Linen | Centre: Pinterest | Right: Mason Velentina

Top Styling Tip: Pretty planters and blooms offer tactility whilst smelling and looking great! Eucalyptus leaves work particularly well to add that green earthy aesthetic. You can get both real and authentic faux designs that will deliver the same look.

Styling your bathroom with plants

Image credit Left: Fierce Fashion | Right: Etsy

We hope this blog post has inspired you to take the plunge and create a luxury spa retreat at home. Let us know how you get on!

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