How to Introduce the Quiet Luxury Trend into the Bathroom

Creating a serene and luxurious bathroom sanctuary is essential when it comes to bathroom design. A space that carries the fundamentals of understated opulence, the bathroom seamlessly aligns with the quiet luxury trend that centres around simplicity, elegance, and comfort. In this blog, we’ll help you understand the key elements of this trend and how you can achieve this look in your bathroom.

Nature from CTD tiled in a contemporary bathroom
Image Credits – Nature

Introduce a neutral colour palette

Bathrooms featuring a neutral colour palette
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At the core of the quiet luxury trend is a neutral, pared-back palette that exudes understated opulence. Ranging from soft greys to chic whites, these soothing colours are perfect for achieving a luxurious ambiance, providing the ideal foundation for other elements to also take centre stage. Harmoniously complemented by high-quality materials and graceful accents, a carefully curated space of refinement can be attained.

Modern bathroom with shutter blinds
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Neutral-coloured tiles are a pivotal inclusion as they infuse spaces with an aura of tranquil sophistication. Our Poitiers Moonlight Light Grey tile and our Dyroy White tile radiate a soothing ambience, perfect for embracing this trend. With the addition of your favourite lotions and fluffy towels, you can create a truly inviting setting.

Collage of customer bathroom images featuring Poitiers, Dyroy and Nature
Image Credits - @homeonthegrove Poitiers (Top Left) | Dyroy (Top Right) | @claire.a.ramshaw Poitiers (Bottom Left) | @hm_plumbing_tiling Nature (Bottom Right)

Make the most of organic-inspired materials

Infusing your bathroom with organic-inspired materials is also key to embracing the quiet luxury trend. Materials such as wood and stone all form a connection between your bathroom and the natural world, evoking a grounded sense of luxury.

Marble and stone-effect inspired bathrooms featuring Marmori and Marbles
Image Credits - Marmori (Left) | Marbles (Right)

Marble is an ideal material for creating the quiet luxury trend, with its understated opulence and refined elegance. Our marble-effect tiles work effortlessly to achieve this beautiful, timeless look.

Images of Aspenwood tiled onto the floor
Image Credits - Aspenwood

Through either timber accents or wood-effect floor tiles, transforming your bathroom into the definition of quiet luxury has never been easier. Our Aspenwood Greige tiles are not only able to bring an earthy charm to bathrooms, but they are also textured, making them an ideal solution for high-slip environments. Complete this look with fresh foliage to enhance the natural sentiments of the trend, along with bursts of black for added contrast.

Transform your space with dimension

A hint of texture can also transform your bathroom from bland to beautiful. Adding both a sense of luxury and intrigue, dimensional tiles take simplicity and enhance it to an artistic level to create an environment that is subtly eye-catching.

Customer images of Polesden tiles
Image Credits - Image Credits - @cosy_kinloch (Left) | Polesden

With a selection of versatile designs, our range of three-dimensional effect tiles will transform your home into a hub of sophistication.

Collage of Knole, Polesden and Cliveden tiles from CTD
Image Credits - Knole (Left) | Polesden (Middle) | Cliveden (Right)

Our Polesden Art Cream tile offers a particularly soothing and contemporary appeal to bathrooms, with the tile’s creamy hue creating a soft and versatile backdrop. Alongside botanical details and plush accessories, an inspiring and peaceful space can be attained, perfect for embracing this ever-popular trend.

With each of these tips and insights, a quiet luxury bathroom is not far from reach. We hope this blog has sparked the creativity within you to introduce this look into your own bathroom!

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