11 Clever Small Bathroom Decor Ideas

Small bathrooms are tricky to tackle. Whether it’s a compact cloakroom under the stairs or a tiny ensuite shower room, small bathrooms don’t have to compromise on style or functionality in order to work. From eye-catching design choices to practical storage solutions, there are so many ways to make a small bathroom work. So if you’re struggling to find ideas, read on for some inspiration!

Small Bathroom Storage Solutions

Like so many areas in the home, it’s all about the storage! Well-thought-out storage can really make or break a room and nowhere is this truer than in a small bathroom. Our favourite ideas and solutions include floating shelves, built-in alcoves, compact built-in furniture units, door hangings and narrow wall-hung furniture. A small bathroom with plenty of clever storage will feel instantly bigger. Places like Etsy have great storage solutions whilst old favourites like Ikea will always have a nifty shelving unit or two to choose from!

Clever Bathroom Storage Solutions
Left Image Credit: Pinterest | Right Image Credit: Tiffanyish

Have Fun with Tiles in Small Bathrooms

Tiles can really bring a small space to life, especially in a tiny bathroom. Try to be creative with the way you lay your tiles - think focal point splashbacks, interesting layouts etc. There are so many ways to use rectangular metro tiles for instance, whether that’s stacking them vertically (which can make the room appear larger!) or creating a herringbone effect for maximum impact. Small bathrooms are often a place where you can be a bit bolder with your design choices, so why not go for a nice pop of colour with your tiles? Pinks, greens and blues are our favourites!

Colourful Bathroom Tiles
Top Left Image Credit: Pinterest | Bottom Right Image Credit: @semi_in_suburbia

Small Shower Ideas

Planning a small bathroom remodel? Struggling to see how you’re going to fit a shower, basin and WC all in the same space? Don’t worry, it IS possible! Ideally you want your shower enclosure to be in a corner or at the end of the room. This way, you can make use of every angle and corner. Consider using tiles as a feature wall in your shower enclosure, so that when you look into the room it feels styled and not so cramped. Another trick in making the room feel a bit more spacious is to use the same tiles on the main floor connecting into the shower enclosure. The smooth joining of the two areas will feel more fluid and spacious as a result.

Small Shower Ideas
Image Credits to: @thelittle_white_house

Bold Bathroom Wallpaper & Tiles

You only need to take a quick glance at Instagram or Pinterest to see how a bold wallpaper can bring a small bathroom space to life. Paired with a corresponding colour in tiles placed behind the basin, a statement wallpaper will not disappoint. From big florals to geometric shapes and animal-inspired, there are so many amazing wallpapers to choose from. For the ultimate inspiration take a look at House of Hackney or Graham & Brown.

Bold Bathroom Wallpaper and Tiles

Keep It Monochrome

Sometimes a classic, clean look does the trick. One of the best ways of incorporating black and white into a small bathroom is to go for generally white surfaces, walls, tiles and floors, and then add in accents of black through brassware and grouting. Add a bit of interest to the walls by positioning your tiles in herringbone formats or opting for a modern square tile.

Monochrome Bathrooms
Left Image Credits: @ourjunohouse | Right Image Credits to: @bathterrace

Shower Niches

You don’t quite realise how useful they are until you have one. In small bathrooms you need to make the most of all the space you have. To help your shower feel clean and uncluttered, factor some niche shelving into your planning, it’ll stop all your bottles piling up on the shower floor and make sure things are kept neat and tidy.

Colourful Bathroom Shower Niches

Left Image Credits: @us_by_square_inch | Right Image Credits: @ptbathrooms 

Reflective Surfaces

It’s important to understand where your light is coming from and how it can be used to create the illusion of more space. Whether you’re working with daylight or artificial light (which is more common in a small bathroom), you can use mirrors and reflective surfaces to bounce the light around the room to really enhance the feeling of space. So, position your mirrors wisely – it’ll really make a difference!

Colourful Bathroom Tiles
Image Credits to: @stangoes_by_the_sea

Go Dark

It’s a common misconception that dark colours make spaces appear smaller. In fact, if applied in the right way, an all-dark interior can make a room feel cosy and comforting. Dark bathroom tiles in different textures paired with luxurious stone or cement-inspired finishes are the perfect combination and will make the small bathroom a statement space to be enjoyed.

Dark Bathroom Tiles
Right Image Credits: Next Luxury

Natural & Bright

White walls and natural textures are a winning combination in any bathroom. A neutral setting doesn’t have to be boring though. Incorporate different textures and finishes, through 3D tiles or through wood accents and pair with some lovely greenery to create a wonderfully inviting and calming bathroom space. It’ll be so serene you won’t even notice the size!

Bright and Natural Bathrooms
Left Image Credits: @homebymkdesign | Right Image Credits: @housecandy55 

Use Patterned Tiles

A bit of pattern will always add some interest to a bathroom space. You shouldn’t be afraid to embrace pattern just because the room is a little on the small side. An encaustic patterned tile on the bathroom floor is great for making a room really pop! For an extra focal point, add a mini splashback behind your basin in the same patterned tile as your floor, it’ll create a connection between different heights in the room.

Patterned Bathroom Tiles
Top Left Image Credits: @bramleyandbear | Bottom Left Image Credits: @renovatingnumber2 | Right Image Credits: @livingatthelodge_

Mixed Materials & Accents

Add an extra dimension to your small bathroom ensuite by incorporating a variety of materials. From pairing wood with pattern and colour to mixing different tiles halfway up the wall, there are so many ways to successfully combine different textures and finishes. The end result will be an inviting space that will act as the perfect extension to your bedroom.

Natural Materials Bathrooms
Left Image Credits: @claire.a.ramshaw | Right Image Credits: Hanstholm

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