Tips on How to Pair Your Bathroom Tiles and Window Coverings

Bathroom Tiles and Blinds

When thinking about how you are going to design or add life to your bathroom, the bathroom tiles and window coverings can often take centre stage. As key sanitaryware pieces are usually white or neutral in colour, you have plenty of opportunity to incorporate colourful and patterned tiles and blinds to really dress the space.

Because these are often the main features or focal points in your bathroom, some thought needs to be given into how they look and how you are going to pair them together too. Some people may opt for low-key colours and tones to create a relaxed bathroom atmosphere, while others may want to take advantage of the exciting textures and effects they can have in their bathroom.

Start with Your Tiles or Your Blinds

There is no one route to take when it comes to choosing the perfect matching tiles and blinds. For some people, it’ll start with some tiles that they love and for others, this means finding something to go with the bathroom blinds they currently have and for others, they can choose them both together. 

There is no right way to do it, so whatever route you take, be open-minded and see what designs and colours are out there. Whether you start from your tiles or your blinds, there are endless combinations that will go together, you just need to mix and match to find what suits your taste. There aren’t any rules, so just go for it and try lots of different ones out!

Neutral bathroom

Why Bathroom Tiles Make a Difference

As with any room in the home, it’s important to choose tiles that will not only look fantastic but also work on a practical level. In the bathroom, this means thinking about slip resistance on floors for example, whilst your wall tiles can be a bit more steered towards colour, finish and style preference. Whether you choose to match your tiles with your window coverings or contrast against them, there are plenty of designs to work with, from marble patterned bathroom tiles to high gloss finishes, patterns and natural textures.

Dark marble bathroom tiles

Make Sure Your Blinds Are Bathroom Blinds

Don’t make the mistake many people make in thinking that bathroom blinds and window coverings are the same as the ones in your living room. Whilst you can get a variety of different styles for your bathroom, they are specifically designed to deal with the moisture in bathrooms. 

Whether you have skylight bathroom blinds or wooden ones, the PVC materials they are made from makes them water resistant. This means that water will simply run off them and not be absorbed or affect the blinds in any way. 

In addition to being water resistant, specially designed bathroom blinds will also maintain their blackout features. So, the most important thing when looking for the perfect window covering for your bathroom is to make sure they are specifically designed for wet conditions.

Bold or neutral bathroom blinds

Power Clash or Complementary Colours?

When pairing your bathroom tiles and window coverings, one of the key things you will need to consider is whether to opt for a power clash of colour or go for complementary palettes. There are a number of ways to go about both of these options, from contrasting patterns and block colours to beautifully cohesive shades. If you are going to bring pattern into the space through your tiles or window coverings, make sure you work with a lot of samples in your planning stages – as you want to be certain you’re happy with your choice if it’s a bold one!

Soothing, mellow designs made up of complementary colours and textures are also very popular as they offer a sense of tranquility and comfort. To achieve this aesthetic, look at designs that are made up of the same colour family or create a connection between your window coverings and the rest of the room through one common colour to find a pairing that complements the entire bathroom scheme.

Patterned bathroom tiles

Let One Take Centre Stage

Another very popular approach to bathroom interiors is to let either your tiles or your window coverings take centre stage. It is still important to think about how they will work together as a whole within your bathroom, but this is a fantastic way to embrace eye-catching designs whilst creating an overall cohesive design scheme. 

To do this, you can either choose a more out-there tile design that you really love, or a blind that has a particularly bold or intricate design. Then, simply pair it with something a bit more pared back. This way, your bold tiles or blinds can be the focal point of your bathroom and the other elements of the space will follow suit and come together nicely. 

To find out more about bathroom blinds and which ones would work well with your CTD Tiles, take a look at Swift Direct Blinds. You can also check out their blog to learn all about interior design and blinds.

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