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The Best Free Online 3D Bathroom Room Planners

When it comes to planning out your new bathroom, there are a lot of elements that need to be considered, from your tile placement to your plumbing and where your sanitaryware is going to go. Whether you’re planning it all yourself or you’re wanting to communicate your ideas and thoughts to the professionals, there are plenty of free online softwares that can help! Seeing your room come to life in 3D form will really help to set you up for a smooth running renovation project and will really help you understand the exact scale and placement of all your bathroom elements.

We’ve searched the internet and found some of the best and easy-to-use online design tools to help you with your planning!


By far one of the most popular 3D room planners available, SketchUp is perfect for beginners or DIYers as well as professionals. An extremely intelligent and intuitive software, the free version will provide you with all you need to plan your home bathroom renovation. The SketchUp Hub is also a great resource, offering online courses and tutorials to help you with your planning!

SketchUp 3D Planner


Floorplanner offers both 3D and 2D floor plans allowing you to easily bring your bathroom to life on the screen. The key benefit of Floorplanner is that you don’t have to download any software and you can detail your floor plan with both 2D and 3D objects and fully customise everything - they have a fantastic library of objects to use. It's an extremely easy to use software and so is ideal if you’re a novice or don’t have much experience.

Floorplanner 3D software


SmartDraw was initially created to ‘write software that makes creating professional-looking diagrams and visuals easy for anyone’. There are a lot of sections available which can at first appear a bit overwhelming, but if you head into the ready-made templates and select ‘floor plans’ you will soon find a template that will work for you. It is worth bearing in mind that the software is only free for the first seven days, so if you don’t want to pay or upgrade you’ll need to get your plan sorted within that time frame!

Smartdraw free online planner

Planner 5D

A really immersive software, Planner 5D allows you to create your room from scratch or using a template. Described as ‘created for amateurs’ the software is extremely easy to use and let’s you build your room step by step, from the floorplan to the windows and doors and then your finishing touches like materials and accessories. One of the key selling points of Planner 5D is the fact that it works on iOS so you can have your plans on your iPhone or iPad as well as your Mac.

Planner 5D free online software

Roomstyler 3D Home Planner

Roomstyler is as straightforward as room planners come. You can get started straight away using the software for free and it’s very easy to use. Whilst it’s quite self explanatory, if you do need any guidance, Roomstyler actually offers tutorial videos for all different areas about the program.


Available as an app on your computer or tablet, Roomsketcher’s planning software is intuitive and easy to use. Either start your plan by drawing it yourself or use provided templates using their Floor Plan Service and watch your decorating ideas come to life. As with most of the online planning tools, a paid subscription will unlock different features, but the app and take snapshots of their plans for free.

Roomsketcher online planning tool


Roomtodo describes itself as a ‘simple and playful interior design software’ helping you to ‘get professional results without any professional skills’. An easy-to-use program with lots of features on offer (even in the free version), you can build your room from the floor plan into a 3D space - building on things like windows, doors, textures, materials and then actual products. You can then save the project and share it, without having to spend a penny! 

Roomtodo free online planning software


We hope you find our round-up useful and can make use out of some of these online planning tools for your bathroom renovations! We’re working on something ourselves here at CTD Tiles, so keep your eyes peeled and we’ll share when it’s ready to go!

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