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Colourful Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Date: February 14th, 2018 CTD Tiles | Tags: ctd tiles, colour, block colour, savoy, reflections, vivid, mix and match tiles, frame, patterned tiles

Colourful Kitchen and Bathroom Tiles

Whether you’re looking for an injection of colourful pattern, a block of solid colour or a combination of coloured tiles, we have a wide variety of wall and floor tiles to suit your colour needs!

Block Colour Tiles

A chance to make a real statement in your home, opting for a block of colourful wall tiles is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. From blue bathroom tiles that deliver a fresh feel or black kitchen tiles that create a sophisticated and moody scheme, we will have a colour that will work for you and your home.

For a chic and on trend look, our Savoy collection comes in both rectangular and hexagonal tiles. Ideal for creating a colour metro-inspired look, the rectangular tiles will help you make a statement whilst the hexagonal tiles can be kept in one standout colour or mixed and matched in a palette for a playful and bold take on pattern. 

If you’re looking to bring a colourful yet clean feel to your bathroom, go for blue bathroom tiles. Contrasted against a crisp white wall and bathroom sanitaryware, our Reflections and Vivid collections both have blue tiles that will bring a pop of colour into your place of relaxation.

Mix and Match Colour Tiles


Colour is the perfect way to inject a bit of your personality into your interior and who says that you have to stick to one shade? If you’re feeling bold and want to bring something a bit different to your walls, why not choose to mix and match your colourful tiles?

From red tiles to purple tiles and even mint green tiles, our Reflections and Vivid collections have a host of colours that can be mixed and matched to your heart’s desire! 

Patterned Tiles


If you’re a fan of colour but are looking for that added bit of detail, a patterned tile is an ideal choice. Offering an effortlessly stunning option for those wanting to incorporate the trend for splash backs into their kitchen décor, the Frame collection seamlessly merges rustic style with contemporary colour trends.

Boasting a refreshing colour palette of muted oranges, creams and beiges, used on a neutral wall the collection will add a touch of personality to any kitchen or bathroom scheme. Wonderfully tactile and effortless to install, the colourful collection of multi-design tiles is sure to create the ultimate style statement in any interior.

The collection additionally consists of five block-colour tiles, which not only offset the décor tiles but also can be used on any wall in the home, including the bathroom. With twelve individual patterns fitting neatly into one larger tile, we have taken away the hassle of individual tile installation whilst creating a seemingly sporadic yet perfectly complementary tile scheme for the home.

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