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Natural Marble or Marble Effect Tiles - How To Guide

Date: March 27th, 2017 CTD Tiles | Tags: marble tiles, marble tile, marble effect, marble look, marble bathroom, marble interior, interior marble, bathroom marble, wall tiles, floor tiles, marble wall, floor marble, ctd tiles, luxury tiles, trend, home, diy, home looks, porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles

Opulence and refinement are two classic trends amongst many to enhance your bathroom, creating a sophisticated and lavish environment.

Have we got you wondering how? The answer is quite simple…Marble


Gemini Tiles
1. Natural Marble or Marble Effect Tiles

By simply embracing historical influences and transporting them into the 21st century, Contemporary Marble is all it takes to develop a modern, sophisticated bathroom look to withstand the test of time.

This luxurious yet minimalist interior tile trend can add pounds onto your bathroom look with its delicate appearance…and let’s not forget their hardwearing and practical qualities but what is the difference between Marble Stone & Marble Effect tiles?

Marble Stone

As marble stone is a natural material the key is to remember variation; no two marble tiles are ever the same.

Funnily enough it is this that helps create the luxurious and artistic appearance that is so famously used throughout some of the most historical buildings known to man including the Taj Mahal, The Vatican and Pisa Cathedral.

Once the marble has been mined it is then cut to size and polished to create an identical surface finish. They are then ready to be fitted within your home.

However this natural material is typically porous, because of this we advise using sealants such as Lithofin Stain Stop on matt marble tiles to prevent oil and grease staining and this will protect the surface and preserve the appearance of natural stone.

Marble Effect

Made from Ceramic or Porcelain, marble effect tiles are a welcome alternative to Natural Stone Marble. These relatively less absorbent on trend tiles do not require sealant to preserve their marble appearance. 

Technology today provides us with exciting opportunities; take the ink jet technique for instance, a process that digitally prints marble veins onto ceramic tiles, however when using a ceramic tile it is advisable to check specific PEI ratings and the suitability towards wall and floors to make sure your chosen tiles are appropriate for your desired renovation. 

Porcelain tiles are made from dense natural clay. Once the mixture is ready it is moulded and a marble effect pattern is created within the mould.The material is then pressed into the desired shape and fired at an extremely high temperature and for a longer time to eradicate almost 100% of the moisture generating a heavyweight tough yet visually elegant option. 

Creating an expensive look bathroom is easy to achieve and we go through five ways to incorporate marble into your home, creating that desired je ne sais quoi look.

2. How To Guide

Option 1 – All Out 

Push the boundaries of marble interiors by adding coordinating Marble Effect tiles to both your bathroom walls and floor. It doesn’t get much more extravagant than this. 

Classic Tile Range from Gemini Tiles

Option 2 – Stay focused! 

Create a modern masterpiece by focusing on one bathroom feature wall.  Wash away all your worries and relax in style with the fantastic feature wall tiles - statement walls have never looked so good. 

valmont tile range

Option 3 – Creating Foundations

Lay the ultimate foundations for your expensive looking bathroom with floor tiles for natural marble without a large price tag of all walls too and just go for the floor. 

Carrara Tiles

Option 4- It’s a splashback kind of thing! 

Subtle, elegant and above all a cheaper alternative for those wanting adapt their current bathroom and add a touch of luxury. 

Gemini Marble Splash Back

Option 5 – A cut above the rest. 

With their fun appearance and the ability to be cut into your desired shape, the large selection of Marble Mosaics available at Ceramic Tile Distributors are exceptional for bathrooms - even if we do say so ourselves! 

View the Gemini Mosaics Carrara Marble - 48x15x8mm (Sheetsize 300x300mm)

3. Marble & Marble Effect Tile Ranges

Many of our carefully selected tile ranges fit the bill but it is our Classic Tile Range that takes the top spot. 


For the ultimate in refined style, look no further than Gemini Tiles’ new Classic range.
Classic Tile Range from Gemini Tile

Emulating the distinguishing swirls and veins of on trend marble, Gemini’s Classic collection enables you to incorporate the must have stone trend into your home.

Offering a spectacular yet affordable solution for those considering a touch of sophistication, the Classic range is an everlasting addition to any scheme.

Appropriate for any room in the home, fit this brand new range to create a spa-like bathroom or convert a tired hallway into a stylish welcoming space, after all, who said only your bathroom could look expensive right?! 

Classic Tile Range

Perfect for those who want to experiment with alternative tile sizes for a more visually attention-grabbing pattern, the Classic collection boasts two different sizing options, ensuring that any tiling need is covered. 

No matter where or how in the home it is used, Gemini Tiles’ collection is guaranteed to put the class in classic. 


Hot on its heels is the Johnson Tiles Worcester tile range which gives a modern twist on tradition.

Worcester Tile Range

This grey marble tile available is oozing glorious detail and comes with matt & gloss effect finishes.

This gloss & matt marble effect tile range looks fantastic when placed in bathrooms and living spaces alike, as you can see from the pictures above. 

What’s better is that this quality and eye catching tile range is now on offer; 




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