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How to Create Texture with Your Tiles

Date: August 30th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: grey textured tiles, bathroom tiles, wall tiles, floor tiles, textured tiles

How to Create Texture with Your Tiles to Make a Subtle Design Statement

grey contrasting textured tiles

Creating texture in the home is a trend that has seen increasing popularity over the last few years, with interior designers opting to include contrasting velvets, satins, metallics and stones into their schemes.

As the trend has developed, it has expanded from soft furnishings and fittings into wall and floor coverings – and this has resulted in an increased demand for textured and 3D tiles. Creating textured tile spaces can be the difference between a flat and lifeless room, and one that has depth and dimension. The shapes and patterns found within textured tiles can help to create a sense of movement when applied to the walls of your home.

While smaller things such as rugs, throws and furniture will add texture to most rooms, there are some areas where additional furnishings aren’t as common such as the kitchen or bathroom. Harder surfaces are more practical in these areas, so creating a textured quality to your scheme here might be more challenging. This is where the trend of textured tiles works particularly well.

white textured bathroom tiles

In addition, textured tiles work particularly well for creating a feature wall in these rooms, where a specific section is designed to stand out or make an impact by creating a contrast with the rest of the scheme. In your bathroom, a feature wall tile is often used to draw attention to a walk-in shower or statement bath. Choosing a contrasting wall tile in the kitchen not only creates an attractive focal point, but can also be a practical design – for example, in the form of a splashback behind an oven or sink. 

grey textured tiles

New for 2019, our Barrington collection provides a gorgeous textural aesthetic with a hint of industrial style. With a variety of different styles and patterns available, you can choose from the abstract 3D finishes of Barrington Art and Concept, to the sleek and smooth appeal of the simple Barrington wall and floor tiles, for an interior scheme that boasts drama and visual interest.

Certain to complement any modern interior scheme with a characterful finish, this new collection is presented in a subdued colour palette of White, Cream and Graphite and works beautifully either when mixed and matched together or used as one colour throughout. Pair the designs with metallic finishes, contemporary furnishings and a moody colour palette for an ultra distinctive look that adds drama and character to all areas of the home. 

grey barrington floor tiles

Another new collection to our expansive range of tiles is the Polesden tiles, which explores subtle textures and surface details that set off a truly modern aesthetic in your home. The range reveals three distinct designs that celebrate texture with a pared back colour palette allowing the unique qualities of each tile to shine through. From the brickwork style of Concept to the 3D geometric application of Art and smooth finishes of the simple wall tiles, you’ll have an unrivalled choice of unique designs to choose from.

white polesden bathroom tiles white textured bathroom tiles

With a subtle nod to neutrals, the calming colour scheme varies from soft cream to crisp white, making it the perfect option for homeowners looking to add a natural aesthetic. Opt for white to achieve a simple Scandi style or go cream for a warmer finish that brings a softer appeal to the home.

Whether in the bathroom or kitchen utility space, each tile design is perfectly suited to all style preferences and applications and will work particularly well when paired with natural wood accents and textured accessories.

 So, are you inspired to use textured tiles in your home? Be sure to check our full range on the website here – let us know how you get on!




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