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Rock Beige Kitchen Tiles by GEMINI from CTD Tiles

Beige Kitchen Tiles

Beautiful beige kitchen wall and floor tiles below with many accompanied by co-ordinating decors that introduce contrast, texture and pattern to your kitchen walls and floors. Experiment with wood effect tiles on your kitchen floor and natural stone effect on your walls. Samples are available online, free of charge.

Range shown Rock

Bring the wonderful warmth of beige wall tiles and beige floor tiles into your kitchen and dining areas for a timeless aesthetic. A popular colour choice for classic kitchens, beige can enhance the homely, rustic feel of a country style kitchen. For inspiration, see our Jura Beige multi format and Metro Brick Beige tiles.

Beige tiles also complement contemporary kitchens beautifully and here at CTD Tiles we have a vast range of stone inspired beige kitchen tiles including our popular Sintesis Perla wall and floor tiles which look great combined with the coordinating wave décor for a modern twist on a classic look. Be inspired to mix different styles, for example pair stone effect tiles on your kitchen walls, with wood effect tiles on your kitchen floor. For beige kitchen floor tiles, we love our popular Aspenwood Beige and Treverkever Natural wood effect tiles, both in striking large format planks for a seamless flow across your kitchen floors.

There are many ways to introduce pattern, texture and a sense of depth and character to your walls with beige kitchen tiles. For a three dimensional wood effect style, have a look at Inwood 3D Beige, or be inspired by the industrial textures of our Handcrafted Beige and Rust Beige décors.

What colours go with cream tiles?

For a fun, stylish design scheme, mix cream tiles or beige tiles with pops of contrasting dark blues, bold rustic golds and sage greens. If you desire a subtler, softer look, add elements of pale greens, pale greys, light browns or soft blues to your cream tile scheme.

What colour floor tiles go with a cream kitchen?

To help your room feel spacious, add white floor tiles alongside your cream kitchen. The elements of cream will invite a warm, cosy feel, whereas the white tiles will keep the room light and bright for a modern, minimalist style. For a white kitchen floor that will look fantastic for years to come, explore our Marmori marble effect collection with stunning large format options for the ultimate style statement. Consider styling cream kitchens with earthy tones, best achieved through wood effect floor tiles. Add splashes of colour to the room with blue or green kitchen accessories to make sure your kitchen stays on trend. For more of a contrast, try grey floor tiles or black floor tiles with your cream kitchen. These monochromatic colours are renowned for their modern aesthetic and bring a fresh new dynamic to your cream kitchen.

Core Tortora Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0040416
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0042599
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Tortora Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0040415
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0044107
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 900x900mm

Code: B0044108
£32.51 each
£39.99 per m2
£65.03 per box

Inari Perla Semi Polished Tile - 900x450mm

Code: B0044041
£20.24 each
£49.99 per m2
£60.72 per box

Minimal Dots Beige Border Tile - 150x60mm

Code: A0011380
£0.50 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x125mm

Code: B0015086
£25.00 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x40mm

Code: B0015092
£11.99 each

Moulden 2 Beige Matt Tile - 1200x200mm

Code: B0042727
£10.79 each
£44.99 per m2
£43.15 per box

Block Beige Structured Tile - 300x300mm

Code: B0032912
£1.82 each
£19.99 per m2
£49.86 per box
£21.80 per box

Dolomite Beige Gloss Tile - 300x200mm

Code: B0043057
£0.96 each
£15.95 per m2
£16.26 per box

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