How to Clean and Care for Outdoor Tiles

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Outdoor tiles are a perfect beautiful addition to any garden, but like any kind of patio or stone, they need looking after to keep them looking their best. By cleaning and caring for your tiles, you could improve their lifespan and ensure they look new each spring/summer.

How to Clean Outdoor Tiles

Regular cleaning is key, and this job may take less time than you think. With a weather-resistant surface already in place, you won’t need any harsh chemicals to clean your outdoor tiles. 

First, you should use a brush to gently sweep the tiles and get rid of any loose dirt and leaves. If weeds are growing up between your tiles, scrape these out first and brush them up afterwards. 

Then, fill a bucket with a little bit of washing up liquid and some warm water. Use a brush to gently scrub the surface of the tiles, removing most of the surface dirt. For very dirty patios, you may need to change the water a couple of times to avoid reapplying dirt you’ve removed. 

Finally, give the tiles a good wash down with a hose to remove any final bits of dirt that might remain. And that’s it! The more you can keep on top of cleaning your tiles, the easier the job is.

If you don’t clean your tiles regularly, they may need a more thorough clean. You might be tempted to get the jet/power wash out however, if you have a brush in grout you need to be careful not to dislodge it – so we’d recommend using the “patio” attachment on your power cleaner, this saves all of the water pressure being in one spot and prevents you from dislodging any grout.  

To do a deep clean of your tiles, you might want to use something like intensive cleaner which dissolves and removes stubborn dirt and oil. Although the strong alkaline formula is based on highly active ingredients it does contain biologically degradable components. 

If you notice any very dirty patches (this is usually the case for patios that are directly underneath large trees or shrubs), use a brush to scrub away the worst of the dirt. Once you’ve done this, use a brush to gently wash the whole patio and then wash it all down with a hose or again, try the KF intensive cleaner.

How to clean the grout in between outdoor tiles

Now that your outdoor tiles look new, it’s time to address the grout. Grout is really important because it seals the tiles and prevents any water or dirt from getting in between them. However, it doesn’t have the same protective surface as the tiles, meaning it can be prone to moss growth and dirt buildup. 

For the best results when it comes to cleaning your grout, use a concentrated Lithofin grout cleaner, this will get rid of any dirt within the grout lines and help to make your patio keep a refreshed look. 

Routine Maintenance for Your Outdoor Tiles

Cleaning your grout and your outdoor tiles is a task that should be done once a year, preferably in spring. But there are other ways you can look after your outdoor tiles year round to care for them. 

You should regularly sweep leaves and other debris off your patio. As these break down, they can become slimy and encourage other growth on the surface of the tile, like algae and moss. Sweeping will help to keep your patio dry and free of dirt. 

You should also remove weeds as you see them. Weeds creep up in all sorts of places including between your tiles, try to pull them up before they become too big and potentially damage any grout. 

Your patio will get the most use in summer, but there are lots of things that can begin to stain outdoor tiles, such as food, drinks, sun cream and more. If you use a barbeque on your outdoor tiles, it can be a good idea to put a protective surface underneath it to reduce heat damage and food splatters. You should also clean up any food or drink spillages instead of leaving them. This can be done by hosing down the area. 

A patio is likely the most used aspect of a garden, and we want you to get the most out of your outdoor tiles. Stick to our cleaning and care tips and tricks, and your tiles will look beautiful for a long time to come.

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