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4 On-trend Looks For Your Garden

Date: June 29th, 2022 CTD Tiles

With summer around the corner, it’s time to allow our gardens to bloom and come to life! As with many interior design trends, it’s important to make sure you take into account functionality and longevity as well as style – the patio is a multi-purpose space, so it should always be carefully considered.

With so much inspiration to take in, preparing your outdoor space for a refresh can be a little daunting, so we’ve put together our top on-trend looks for your garden to help you on your way.

Create a Coastal Garden Retreat

(Clockwise From Top Left): Home Bunch | Houzz | Prospect Cottage | British Stone | Susan Cohan Gardens | Elysian Landscape | British Stone

If your property is close to the sea and you’re about to embark on an exterior renovation, then this might just be the perfect look for you. Think seagrass, pebbles and light finishes for that idyllic beside-the-seaside feel with a sophisticated edge.

Whether you’re lucky enough to have a coastal home located directly on the beach or can see the shore in the distance, you can really make the most of your exterior space by connecting your garden with the seaside. Our British Stone tiles in Anthracite are perfect for laying in a stepping stone configuration – the perfect way of bringing a hint of the coastal appeal into your home.

Tip: Opt for natural materials for your finishing touches. You can find pre-made rope accessories at independent home décor shops, or you can venture out and create your own! Adding rattan style furniture and rope will inject that nautical touch to your space.

An Outdoor Room to Remember

Left and top right: Sandstone | Bottom right: British Stone

As we transition into the hotter months, many of us are now eager for an outdoor seating area that is a complete extension of our home. Although the garden is located outside, it’s still very easy to make it feel like another room connected to your home.

To do this, we would always recommend opting for a similar looking floor surface for both inside and out. This will unify your internal and external spaces, enhancing the overall feel of the space with style and cohesion. Our British Stone tiles and Veined Stone tiles work exceptionally for this look.

Additionally, our smooth Sandstone Multi Grey tiles will create standout appeal – pair with modern furniture designs, fire pits and beautiful flower beds for a look that is tranquil and stylish.

Embrace an Urban Contemporary Look

(Clockwise From Top Left): Impressive Interior Design | Lavastone Grey Outdoor | Pinterest | Lavastone Grey Outdoor | Flora Grubb | Secret Gardens

It’s definitely the season to embrace urban industrial style! Many homeowners are now trying to achieve a look that embraces modern lines and sleek structures and the garden is the perfect place to do this.

In order to achieve the perfect urban outdoor sanctuary, we recommend mixing different textures to add more depth and interest to an exterior space. Natural stone-effect designs such as our Lavastone Silver and Anthracite tiles provide a stunning backdrop for those keen to create a look that boasts character. Combine with bold pops of colour and raw finishes for serious wow-factor!

A Rustic Vegetable Garden

Image credits (Clockwise From Bottom Left): Well Appointed House | Ideal Home | My Lawnmower Shop | Minster Rustic Outdoor | Pinterest | Minster Rustic Outdoor

Embrace rustic colour palettes and fresh leafy greens to create an exterior that boasts traditional chic. Perfect for smaller spaces, flower beds and vegetable patches are a great way to increase relaxation and help you block out the busy outside world.

To complete your rustic look, pair your sleepers with earthy-toned tiles that will blend into the interior with a natural appeal. The Rustic multicolour tiles work particularly well in this type of setting and will create an overall feeling of warmth and comfort.

If you’re keen to recreate all of these looks in your home, browse our entire outdoor tile collection here!

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