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Gardens are a place of sanctuary, somewhere we need to feel comfortable to escape to and relax during those warmer days. Your garden should be designed with as much attention to detail as your interior – from colour palettes and accessories to layout and styles. Keep reading for our top garden styling tips to achieve your dream outdoor space.

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Minster Rustic Outdoor

Find Your Style

Are you a sleek and modern person? Or do you prefer something a little more rustic and laid back? Outdoor styling and design decisions will reflect your personal style so it’s important to decide what direction you’re going in from the offset. Start with a Pinterest board, pinning all your favourite looks and products, and decide what style you’re going to go for. Once you’ve decided on your overall aesthetic, choose a few key colours and finishes you want to be present throughout your outdoor space. For modern spaces, different shades of grey with monochrome touches work well, whilst a more rustic feel can be achieved with terracotta tones, zinc finishes and sage hues.

Find Your Style
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Think About Zones & Sections

One of the most important parts of garden design is zoning. From sectioning off a seating space to cooking areas and dining corners, your outdoor space should be clearly divided into dedicated zones. There are a number of different ways to zone your garden – one of the easiest ways is to create borders and pathways that both separate and connect different areas. Use paving to create boundaries and intermix with a few low shrubs and plants to distinguish between various sections. Don’t forget about lighting too, so that you can light up your pathways and zones at night! Other ways of creating boundaries include using high planters, cutting different lawn patterns or even going for higher impact using archways.

Zone your paving

Accessorise Your Garden

Accessories are the perfect way to showcase your style. From colourful cushions and patterned rugs to decorative candle holders and lighting choices, there are a number of ways to accessorise your garden to reflect your personality. For a more traditional country look, opt for beautiful linens and grain sack fabrics alongside tones of terracotta and zinc. Pair these details with sage green tones or duck egg blues for a truly inviting outdoor space. A more contemporary style can be achieved with more monochrome tones – think greys, blacks, and whites for your fabrics and surfaces, and coordinate with modern linear lanterns and sleek details.

Accessorise Your Garden
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Use The Walls

If space is at a premium, using your walls can be a game changer. From wall-mounted planters and shelving to decorative items like mirrors, your walls should be used to maximise every inch of space. Recycle items such as pallets to create wall-mounted plant holders for a cascading greenery effect; these are perfect for your herbs!

Use The Walls
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Paint Your Fences & Walls

Sometimes it’s easy to forget that you can paint your outdoor space. From your fences to your outdoor walls and pergolas, there is plenty of opportunity to get creative with paint in the garden. Although it might seem quite daunting, one of the best colours to use in the garden is black as it pairs with greenery so well. Make sure you balance out any darkness with brighter finishes to ensure it isn’t overpowering – opting for a lighter coloured beige outdoor tile can sit nicely against black fences or walls. For a lighter feel, soft muted greys or beiges or even greens can look beautiful on woodwork and brickwork. Paired with neutral soft furnishings and furniture, you can create a wonderfully elegant outdoor area with paint.

Garden Paving

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For more inspiration on how to style your outdoor space, take a look at our Pinterest board on Outdoor Living.

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