Outdoor Paving Tips: 5 Important Rules To Follow

A beautifully paved garden can transform the look and feel of any outdoor space, whether you live in the countryside or in the city. If you’re hoping to completely refurbish your garden from scratch, it’s important to carefully consider how you are going to take on the project.

In this blog, we offer expert advice on what to think about and where to start with any garden landscaping project using porcelain tiles, known as porcelain paving, the ideal product for low-maintenance and high impact.

Choose The Right Tiles

Not all products are suitable for external use, therefore making sure that you choose the right ones is crucial. Unlike standard porcelain wall or floor tiles, outdoor porcelain tiles have a thickness of 16mm-20mm, requiring specific cutting tools and blades. These tiles are specially manufactured to be used outdoors and have a tough finish as well as superior slip ratings and frost resistance. You can even use them to pave a driveway. Take a peek at our 20mm outdoor porcelain tile range here.

Outdoor Paving
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Preparation is Key

As with any project, preparation is key. It’s crucial to ensure that not only the surface you’re using is suitable but that you order the correct amount of paving so always add 5-10% extra just in case you damage any when cutting. It’s also important for you to have the appropriate adhesive, bedding mortar, slurry, and the best tools for you to tackle the job. Whether your project is large or small, there’s a lot to consider beyond which product will look best. Making changes to a project can be tricky and expensive, so it’s important to get it right first time.

Preparing your paving
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Check the Weather

Another fundamental part of your outdoor paving journey is taking into account the weather. We always recommend doing your landscaping when it’s dry to ensure that you have the best chance of consistent weather. Heavy rain may ruin your project!

Check the weather before paving
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Use a Professional

We all like to take on a project ourselves but sometimes it’s helpful to get a professional in for ease and the best possible results. A professional landscaper will make sure the sub-base is fit for purpose and laid using the right materials that are suitable for your paving choice. Always check out the installation guidelines.

Professional Paver

Check The Vitals

Last but definitely not least, make sure that you are aware of any slopes and falls that may need stepping, it’s also important to factor in other issues like how your paving will work with your damp proof course. All of these are crucial for any outdoor project so it’s important to take them into account before commencing.

And there you have it – our 5 important rules to follow when paving your outdoor space. If you’re keen to find out more in-depth information, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our team here.

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