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Pietra Pienza Beige Floor Tiles by GEMINI from CTD Tiles

Beige Floor Tiles

Beige floor tiles in styles such as natural stone and wood effect subtly emit a warm ambience. When using one size on kitchen, bathroom and other living area floors the overall finish enriches any floor space with elegance and charm. Opt for multi format tiles which can create a wonderful country style kitchen and also looks very attractive when used on conservatory floors.

Range shown Pietra Pienza

Explore our inspiring collection of beige floor tiles ranging from warming wood effect tiles like our best selling Aspenwood Beige large format tile through to natural stone effect designs as seen in our popular glazed porcelain Stone by Stone Beige tile. Explore beige patterned floor tiles with our Jura multi format collection which looks great in country style kitchens and classic bathrooms. Whatever look you desire, we have beige porcelain floor tiles to suit your style!

What is the best colour for floor tiles?

The colour of your floor tiles is driven by personal preference and determined by what décor style you’re aiming to achieve. Dark floor tiles can make a decadent statement, whereas white floor tiles really open up your living space and are ideal for smaller rooms where they can help to make a small space appear bright and airy. Colourful floor tiles give off a sense of personality and style and can be achieved with mosaics or patterned floor tiles. Beige floor tiles on kitchen, bathroom and conservatory floors are ideal if you’re looking to achieve a warm ambience which can be further enhanced with the use of underfloor heating, also available from CTD Tiles.

What colours go with cream tiles?

Cream or beige tiles go with many colours, such as browns and greys for a subtle effect. For more of a contrast and to introduce a fun element to your interior, complement your cream or beige tiles with mid sage greens, bold dark rustic golds or dramatic deep blues. For a softer look, team cream or beige tiles with elements of pale blue, pale green or pale grey for a relaxed, contemporary feel.

What is the hardest tile flooring?

A much asked question is which tiles are good for flooring? Porcelain and glazed porcelain tiles are the hardest and most durable tiles to use on your floor. Porcelain tiles are made from a very fine clay, fired at high temperatures to remove moisture. The result is a hard, dense tile with low porosity, ideal for high traffic areas and areas which frequently become wet. Porcelain floor tiles are easy to maintain, with a wipe clean surface and no need for sealing or the use of expensive cleaning detergents. To find out more about different tile types, read our Buying Gemini Tiles Guide.

Inari Perla Semi Polished Tile - 900x450mm

Inari Perla Semi Polished Tile - 900x450mm

Code: B0044041
£20.24 each
£49.99 per m2
£60.72 per box

Rock Beige Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0039684
£17.26 each
£47.99 per m2
£51.79 per box
Core Tortora Tile - 600x300mm

Core Tortora Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0040416
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box
Core Snow Tile - 600x300mmCore Snow Tile - 600x300mm

Core Snow Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0042599
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box
Core Tortora Tile - 600x600mm

Core Tortora Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0040415
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box
Core Snow Tile - 600x600mmCore Snow Tile - 600x600mm

Core Snow Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0044107
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box
Core Snow Tile - 900x900mmCore Snow Tile - 900x900mm

Core Snow Tile - 900x900mm

Code: B0044108
£32.51 each
£39.99 per m2
£65.03 per box

Aspenwood Beige Tile - 1200x200mm

Code: B0039927
£9.61 each
£39.99 per m2
£38.45 per box
British Stone Beige Matt Tile - 600x600mmBritish Stone Beige Porcelain Floor tile with matching wall tile and mosaic bath panel

British Stone Beige Matt Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0032918
£17.98 each
£49.99 per m2
£71.93 per box

British Stone Beige Matt Tile - 1200x600mm

Code: B0032965
£43.16 each
£59.99 per m2
£129.48 per box
British Stone Mosaic Beige Matt Tile - 50x50mm (Sheet 300x300mm)British stone beige mosaic tile with matching plain wall tiles and floor tiles in a modern bathroom setting

British Stone Mosaic Beige Matt Tile - 50x50mm (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: B0033999
£13.99 each

British Stone Beige Outdoor Tile - 600x600x20mm

Code: B0042046
£11.63 each
£32.34 per m2
£23.27 per box

Moulden 2 Beige Matt Tile - 1200x200mm

Code: B0042727
£10.79 each
£44.99 per m2
£43.15 per box

Cayman Sand Matt Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0042723
£18.05 each
£49.99 per m2
£72.19 per box
Sintesis Perla Tile - 600x300mm

Sintesis Perla Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0036119
£6.48 each
£36.04 per m2
£45.37 per box
Sintesis Perla Tile - 600x600mm

Sintesis Perla Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0036123
£12.96 each
£36.04 per m2
£38.89 per box

Loft Beige Tile - 750x750mm

Code: B0043120
£18.07 each
£31.99 per m2
£36.14 per box

Burlington Ivory Outdoor Tile - 895x595x20mm

Code: A0017673
£21.28 each
£39.99 per m2
£21.28 per box

Optimal Beige Outdoor Tile - 895x595x20mm

Code: A0018228
£21.28 each
£39.99 per m2
£21.28 per box

Jura Beige - Multi-Format Tile

Code: B0041768
£29.47 each
£29.47 per m2
£29.47 per box

Wood Beige Tile - 1000x150mm

Code: B0041560
£4.54 each
£29.99 per m2
£36.32 per box

Wood Beige Tile - 1000x205mm

Code: B0041564
£6.15 each
£29.99 per m2
£36.89 per box
Rust Beige Tile - 600x600mmRust Beige Tile - 600x600mm

Rust Beige Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0039967
£11.87 each
£32.99 per m2
£35.60 per box
Handcrafted Beige Tile - 450x450mmHandcrafted Beige Tile - 450x450mm

Handcrafted Beige Tile - 450x450mm

Code: B0039857
£6.48 each
£31.99 per m2
£45.32 per box

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