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Rock Beige Wall Tiles by GEMINI from CTD Tiles

Beige Wall Tiles

A stronger shade than cream and ivory tiles - use beige on your walls to give a solid contrast to light or darker furniture which blends beautifully with wood units to create stunning country style kitchens. Tile with co-ordinating beige floor tiles for a classic look.

Range shown Rock

Beige is making a comeback in the world of interior design and beige tiles are no exception. Incorporating a beautiful spectrum of off-whites, sandy tones, nudes, creams, biscuit shades, taupes and oatmeal hues, these elegant neutrals are cosier than cooling greys and perfectly reflect elements of nature, inviting the outside into your home. At CTD Tiles there are a wide variety of beige wall tiles to choose from, covering both classic and contemporary styles.

Take inspiration from our Core tile range which features beige wall and floor tiles inspired by industrial elements of concrete, or transform your walls with the Rock tile collection encompassing stone inspired beige tiles and attractive three dimensional décors in a choice of geometric patterns and calming waves. For a cohesive design scheme, explore our popular British Stone and Pietra Pienza tile collections offering a range of beige wall tiles, mosaics, décors and floor tiles.

What colour goes with beige tiles?

If your room is on the small side or lacks natural light, pair your beige tiles with white accessories and units for a calming, bright and uplifting aesthetic. Choose pops of sage greens, emerald greens, deep blues or reds to compliment your beige tiles and really add character to your overall design. Does grey go with beige tiles we hear you ask? You can’t go wrong with adding a timeless, sophisticated splash of grey to your room to accompany your beige tiles. When choosing colours, consider the size and style of your room and what overall look you’re aiming to achieve.

How do you make a beige tile look good?

When choosing colours that complement your beige tiles, firstly determine what undertones your beige tile has. For example, if your beige tile has pink undertones, choose warm neutrals with a small amount of pink in them. There are more beige tiles that suit paints and accessories with warm purple, pink or orange undertones, than blue or green undertones, so choose carefully and hold swatches of paints and fabrics against your beige tiles to see how they look, before committing a purchase.

Core Tortora Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0040416
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0042599
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Tortora Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0040415
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 600x600mm

Code: B0044107
£10.79 each
£29.99 per m2
£32.36 per box

Core Snow Tile - 900x900mm

Code: B0044108
£32.51 each
£39.99 per m2
£65.03 per box

Inari Perla Semi Polished Tile - 900x450mm

Code: B0044041
£20.24 each
£49.99 per m2
£60.72 per box

Cayman Sand Matt Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0042720
£5.39 each
£29.99 per m2
£48.49 per box

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x125mm

Code: B0015086
£25.00 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x40mm

Code: B0015092
£11.99 each

Moulden 2 Beige Matt Tile - 1200x200mm

Code: B0042727
£10.79 each
£44.99 per m2
£43.15 per box

Block Beige Structured Tile - 300x300mm

Code: B0032912
£1.82 each
£19.99 per m2
£49.86 per box
£21.80 per box

Dolomite Beige Gloss Tile - 300x200mm

Code: B0043057
£0.96 each
£15.95 per m2
£16.26 per box

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