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Once you have selected your tiles you will need to consider how you want to present them by choosing an appropriate grout colour. We have a myriad of coloured grouts to choose from, and make all the difference to your finished project!

Choose a contrasting grout if you wish to emphasise the grout lines, this will highlight the shape, size and layout of the tiles. Or closely match the grout to the colour of your chosen tiles to disguise the grout lines and achieve a seamless flowing look across your room. 

Alternatively, you can think outside of the box by choosing a colourful grout to make a dramatic style statement. We even have glitter grout for those seeking a touch of glamour!

Use our GEMINI Design Tools to experiment with different tiles and grout colours, and ask in-store for advice.

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BAL Micromax 2 Tile Grout White - 5kg

Code: C0002015
£26.23 each

BAL Micromax 2 Tile Grout Jasmine - 5kg

Code: C0002016
£33.76 each

BAL Micromax 2 Tile Grout Gunmetal - 5kg

Code: C0002020
£33.76 each

BAL Micromax 2 Tile Grout Smoke - 5kg

Code: C0002023
£33.76 each

BAL Micromax 2 Tile Grout Anthracite - 5kg

Code: C0002277
£36.60 each

BAL Micromax 2 Tile Grout Ebony - 5kg

Code: C0002019
£33.76 each
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