Career Development with Ceramic Tile Distributors

Career Development at CTD

Career development means getting on or moving upwards within the company or doing something new. It normally means that you want to be promoted into a bigger role with more responsibility, but it can be just as much about becoming better at the role you are in and taking on more responsibility. 

Developing your career can be extremely rewarding; as you take on more responsibility your confidence grows and getting involved in different areas can make you feel happier at work.

In the last 3 years we've had more than 200 internal promotions within our business.

We really are focused on supporting and developing our people to reach their full potential. Join our team and you will not just be getting a job but also a challenging and rewarding career where results can lead to a wide variety of career opportunities.

We will work with you to identify an individual development plan that will help you to achieve your goals.

Many people do not want to develop their careers and are happy doing the job they are doing. This is absolutely fine and no one would ever consider this a bad thing. At the same time though, we are always looking for good Sales Managers, Branch Managers, Assistant Managers and so on. We would prefer to get the majority of these people from within the business. 

It isn’t always possible though and sometimes we do need to recruit from outside our business in order to get the skills or expertise required for a role. CTD are very keen to promote people from within wherever possible. There are many examples within CTD of people who have started off as a Driver or Warehouse person and gone on to become a Manager or Director. Just imagine what you could become at CTD...

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