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How to Make an Impact in the Hallway with Tiles

Date: October 4th, 2019 CTD Tiles | Tags: Hallway tiles, floor tiles, havana tiles, statement tiles, cuban tiles

How to Make an Impact in the Hallway with Tiles

Hallways aren’t just there to take you from room to room. They’re the first area you see when you walk into the home and therefore have the potential to make a real impact. Contemporary or traditional, making sure your entranceway looks attractive and inviting is a crucial component when decorating the home. There’s no need to be cautious with colour - opting for brave, bold and daring palettes can be a fantastic way of making a statement and combining these colours with striking geometric patterns makes for a stylish finish.

white havana floor tileswhite patterned havana tiles

One way to create a distinct effect in your hallway, regardless of style, is to use striking floor tiles. Small or narrow entranceways, or those with little natural light, would benefit from floor tiles that are slightly lighter in colour – they really add to the feeling of spaciousness.

In our collection we have an unrivalled selection of beautifully patterned tiles that are certain to catch the eye as you walk through the door. The geometric and ornate designs of Havana make for an incredibly visually pleasing finish - the muted palette of pale grey, white and tonal blue provides a neutral backdrop of colour and pattern that can be used across the walls and floors of the home. Typically used in classically styled spaces, the subtle tones are paired beautifully with a coordinating plain Bayamo Grey tile for a nod on traditional style.

black cuban floor tilesblack cuban floor tiles

Making a real standout look in the home, our Cuban collection celebrates the utmost in playful pattern with a twist of sophisticated style.The Cuban range features four distinctive tiles including the Star, Block and Ornate designs, which can be individually assembled to the floor of your hallway or mix and matched to achieve a statement finish.

kendal victorian heritage tiles

For a traditional approach in hallway design, our timelessly stylish Victorian Heritage collection makes for a beautiful feature in the home. Typically,Victorian tiling designs are consisted of elegant geometric patterns that are made up of basic shapes, including squares, rectangles, triangles and so on.The tiles were commonly formed into designs that were used to ornament buildings with lively patterns and colour schemes. The intricate patterns of our Victorian Heritage combine abstract shapes with a classic colour palette of subtle grey and warm orange, forming an attractive single tile design that can be repeated with ease. 

kendal victorian heritage tiles

Decorating your home with a welcoming hallway is the perfect way of giving guests a preview of what is yet to come. By creating a strong and impactful first impression, your visitors are given an intriguing taster of your upcoming home decor. This can be achieved with the simplest of details and starting with your floors and walls is an eye-grabbing starting point! Let us know how you get on.




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