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Wood effect Tiles and Wood - A Review

Date: November 18th, 2016 CTD Tiles | Tags: wood tiles, tile, tiles, wood flooring, tile flooring, wood vs tiles, wood effect tiles, review 2017, tips on wood effect, how to, blog post

Real Wood vs  Wood Effect Tiles

A luxury, regal interior tile trend has awakened from its slumber – we announce to you, the return of the Herringbone and Parquet wood effect tile trend - the crème de le crème of 2017 tile trends!

treverkever wood effect tiles

Wood effect tiles are by far one of the most stunning, luxurious tile trends around which oozes sophistication no matter what room you place it in.

woodessence wood effect tiles

Give your home the lux facelift it deserves with plush Treverkever and  Woodessence wood tile ranges available in different colour variations and sizes.

So what is the difference between wood flooring and wood effect tiles?

Wooden effect tiles can go the length of time because of their crack, fade and bend resistant qualities whereas standard wood falls short and is open to warping and scratching. 

Wood Vs. Wood Effect Tiles

As you can see below there is a clear winner when it comes to endurance like qualities and long standing stability.

                                                                                Wood                    Wood Effect Tiles
Fade Resistant:          X            ✓ 
Bend Resistant:          X           ✓
Crack Resistant:          X           ✓
Scratch Resistant:          X           ✓
Stain Resistant:          X           ✓

Not only are wooden effect tiles hard wearing and adaptable, this new wood tile trend is artistically appealing to interior designers and home redesigns alike.

wood vs wood effect tiles

Top Tip:
Wood is normally used on the floor but it is no longer confined to this predetermined space as Wood effect tiles look amazing on walls too!

Recommended Wood Effect Tile Ranges

1. Woodessence - An elegant yet durable wood effect floor tile with trend setting qualities and 5 colour variations - true sophistication with a modern twist.

2. Treverkever - Create the warm look of wood in your home with glazed porcelain wood effect tiles. Add a touch of real warmth with our underfloor heating.




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