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CTD & PFH Partnership

Date: May 29th, 2015 CTD Tiles | Tags: ctd house builders, ctd and pfh, ceramic tiles, trade tiles, ctd house builders, pfh contract, ctd porcelain tiles, ctd kitchen tiles, ctd house builder tiles.


We are proud to announce that CTD have recently been awarded the 2015 PFH Materials and Associated Managed Services contract!

Which brings us to even better news... CTD have been selected for the Materials and Associated Managed Services Tile suppliers for not one but for three years thanks to the hard work of our house builders team.

CTD & PFH Partnership

"One of the main factors for our success and what made CTD stand out from other tile distributors is our ability to provide affordable products without sacrificing on quality" – CTD House Builder Team

"This is a fantastic opportunity for CTD to use its many years of experience in this sector. All of our sales team are looking forward to working with their PFH counterparts" - Paul Wilkie, National Contracts Manager

CTD will continuously go above and beyond to deliver high standards to all of our partnerships old and new.

Want to know more?

Who PFH are and what they do

PFH are one of the UK’s leading procurement companies devoted to the requirements of the vast growing social housing industry.
"Social Landlords rely on PFH as they are a vital tool" - PFH

Not only do they reduce procurement costs but they help organisations reinvest resources in ‘Grade A Services’, colourful estates and homes. PFH have created an amazing, thought out framework in order to help asset managers carry out their deliberated goals with a variety of services and products called the Materials and Associated Managed Services framework.

The contract consists of 10 separate sectors
•    Plumbing & Heating
•    Gas Spares
•    Renewables
•    Building Materials
•    Tiles
•    Electrical Materials
•    Aids & Adaptations
•    Stair Lifts
•    Tool & Plant Hire
•    Managed Services

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