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Red Kitchen Tiles

Terracotta red Victorian Heritage tiles shown here on a kitchen floor, looks fantastic. The tile can also be used on walls so why not see how it would look on your kitchen walls? Other options include Quarry Tiles - the ideal red for all flooring areas.

Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss Tile - 300x75mmTraditional kitchen with pink units with gold handles. Poitiers bordeaux tiles in a vertical brick bond pattern

Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss Tile - 300x75mm

Code: B0044239
£1.24 each
£54.98 per m2
£27.22 per box

Reflections Red Tile - 150x150mm

Code: A0014802
£0.82 each
£35.99 per m2
£35.99 per box

Quarry Red Flat Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015598
£0.91 each
£39.99 per m2
£20.00 per box

Quarry Red REX Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015600
£6.99 each

Quarry Red RE Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015599
£1.99 each

Quarry Red Cove Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015601
£2.99 each

Quarry Red Cove Internal Angle Tile - 150mm

Code: B0015602
£6.99 each

Quarry Red Cove External Angle Tile - 150mm

Code: B0015603
£6.99 each

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