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Get the Look: Celebrity Kitchens

Date: September 21st, 2022 CTD Tiles
Image Credits: Domino

Whether it’s inspirational or plain nosy, we all love to have a peek into the homes of our favourite A-list celebrities. Enjoying their songs and watching their films is simply not enough, we want to see what bedding they use or what their utility room looks like. Kitchens are especially intriguing as they are personal spaces and are the heart of every home. Setting the tone for the rest of the house, every kitchen reflects the personality of its owner.

Image Credits: Lavishway | Argos | Notonthehighstreet

Image Credits: Etsy

Gwyneth Paltrow’s kitchen

A kitchen that projects tranquillity and wellbeing, Gwyneth Paltrow has created a sanctuary-like space to cook and spend time in. The generous amount of light pouring in illuminates the room, bouncing off the light furnishings and earthy themes. Complementing the clean aesthetic, the wood style flooring energises the room with its natural persona. To achieve a look like Gwyneth, try our Sherwood Oak Tiles

Image Credits: Ikea

Dakota Johnson’s kitchen

A much lighter pop of green, Dakota Johnson has created a polished yet cosy kitchen style. She has optimised the space well using features that inject visual interest into the room. The industrial-style cabinetry works surprisingly well with the woven rug to zone the space. Her clean backdrop of white subway wall tiles brightens the small area and allows for the light to move evenly around the kitchen space.

Check out the Poitiers White Gloss Tile for a similar look.

Image Credits: B&Q

Jennifer Lopez’s kitchen

Jennifer’s kitchen projects traditional elegance with a refreshing edge. The stunning sky-blue colourway reflects the light beautifully, welcoming dark accents and pops of vibrancy. Sophistication is shown through the silver hardware and silver tiled kitchen splashback, setting a classy tone across the rest of the home.

Try out this style with the Cedar Grey Glass/Stone/Metal Mix Mosaic

Image Credits: Dunelm

Ellen Degeneres’ kitchen

Ellen’s beautiful, Mediterranean style kitchen boasts nature with its green-dominated colour scheme and consistent use of real wood materials. There is a clever balance of textures and layers, creating a rustic and homely feel throughout the space. The use of green on the splashback creates the perfect backdrop for cooking, whilst offering a nice pop of vibrancy across the room.

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We have loved looking at celebrity kitchens, and seeing how beautifully they have been designed. Hopefully you were able to take inspiration from these celebs, or at least enjoyed a good nosey!

For more kitchen inspiration take a look at our Kitchen Tiles and Inspiration section, and if you use any of these tiles or styles, don’t forget to tag us on Instagram @ctdtiles - we can’t wait to see what you come up with!

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