Tile Ideas for your Small Kitchen

Date: July 12th, 2022 CTD Tiles | Tags: Create the illusion of a larger space today with these small kitchen tiling ideas

The most common word of advice for small kitchens is to choose large format tiles to create the illusion of a bigger, free-flowing space. Whilst this is helpful, tiles are much more versatile than people think and can complement a small kitchen in a number of ways, with a variety of different designs.

When every element of a compact-sized kitchen counts, choosing the right tiles can be a challenging journey. So, for this blog we have taken a look at popular small kitchen tile ideas, and have put together a list of our favourite ones to inspire your own small kitchen projects.

Create a Feature Floor with Patterned Tiles

(clockwise from left): Havana, Cuban, Varadero

Small kitchens are capable of having the wow factor too. Patterned tiles are a great way to create a characterful space and add interest to a practical room, especially when used on the floor.

Whether they are geometric or traditional, patterned floor tiles can zone the kitchen space. This is perfect for allowing your kitchen to have its own personality that you can enjoy and spend time in. The bold patterns can also blur the edges of the floor, creating the illusion of a larger floor plan and endless space.

@homeinteriorco has achieved the feature floor look in her galley kitchen by using the Havana White Garden Matt Tiles. They have transformed the narrow floor into a beautifully artistic area, naturally illuminated by the window and bright cabinetry.

Use Herringbone Tiles to Add Interest

Pictured: Poitiers

Herringbone wall tiles have grown in popularity over the past couple of years as people mix traditional and contemporary kitchen aesthetics together. The zig-zag layout trend can also be used to enhance the look of space, and maximise the width and the height of the room as well.

@hamlynhome has beautifully incorporated a pink herringbone splashback into her small kitchen using the Poitiers Rose Pink Gloss Tile. The lively design and colour of the tile takes the attention away from the compact size, injecting personality into the practical space.

Lengthen the Room with Vertical Tiles

Pictured: Poitiers

Vertically placed tiles can draw the eye upwards and make the room look taller. They can naturally give off the impression of elongated room dimensions, making low ceilings and the floor feel further apart.

Seen here using our Poitiers Bordeaux Gloss Tile, this vertical metro style can be used well as a full-wall splashback. However, this only works if the wall space is open and is not disrupted by wall cabinets, as there needs to be fluency in the design for it to be effective in a small space.

We hope these ideas were helpful and took away some of your small kitchen worries. For further advice, take a look at our kitchen tile inspiration and ideas section for more tiled kitchen inspo - and don’t forget to tag us in your kitchen makeovers!

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