Rejuvenate the Hallway with Floor Tiles

Date: July 26th, 2022 CTD Tiles

Let your home make a great first impression by decorating the hallway with stylish floor tiles, beautiful paint and charming accessories. The hallway is a busy space full of life, which welcomes family and friends through the front door and into the home. If your hallway is due for a makeover, read on for some design inspiration.

Add Decorative Interest with Patterned Floor Tiles

Pictured: (left) Havana White Herald Matt Tile | (top right) Cuban Black Block Tile | (bottom right) Varadero Mint Hexagon Tile

An easy way to add decorative interest to the hallway is by tiling with patterned or textured floor tiles. Floor tiles are the perfect option for hallways where boots and shoes regularly make themselves at home! Tiles are easy to clean and maintain, so, great for hallways where there is lots of foot traffic.

Patterned tiles are a hallway classic and never go out of style. They add charm and invite the eye across the length of the hallway making the space feel longer. For a traditional take, try the Havana White Herald Matt Tile. Alternatively, for fans of modern décor style, the Varadero Hexagon Tiles offer a striking modern pattern, and they come in a selection of fresh colours.

Spruce up the Walls with Paint and Panelling

Image credits: (left) Elsa Young | (top right) Kersaint Cobb | (bottom right) Claire A. Ramshaw Cuban White Star Tile

Colour helps set the mood for the space. Darker tones give an atmospheric look, whilst bright colours energise the walls and light shades or neutrals have a calming effect. Choose a shade that suits the style you would like the space to have. When deciding on wall colours, it’s helpful to bear in mind that as the hallway is the entrance to the home, it is best to choose a colour scheme that complements the rest of the home, to create a nice flow.

Adding panelling on the walls will make the corridor look polished. As well as offering decorative appeal, panelling will protect the walls from scuffs and wear and tear, which is useful in high traffic areas. For extra style points consider painting the panelling a different colour to the wall, this will allow the panelling to stand out and have a greater impact.

Be Selective with Accessories

Image credits: (left) Anthropologie | (top right) Havana White Herald Matt Tile, Poitiers White Gloss Tile and Poitiers Azure Blue Gloss Tile | (bottom right) Coco Lapine Design

Finish the hallway with furnishing and accessories. Side tables create a handy place to store hallway essentials such as keys, and provide a decorative focal point. Opt for a slim cabinet or side table for more storage space, make sure to check measurements before purchasing, to ensure the furniture won't protrude too much into the hallway.

Style your chosen side piece with accessories such as lamps, vases and plants. To create visual interest, choose a few accessories with varying heights. Be careful not to add too many accessories as this can make the hallway look cluttered and overcrowded. As a final touch, add artwork or a mirror over the side table. Art will add personality, whereas a mirror would allow you to have a quickly check your appearance before heading out!

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