How to add colour to your home with floor tiles

Date: April 7th, 2022 CTD Tiles
header: how to add colour to your home with colourful floor tiles

A statement floor can transform a space from looking simple and muted to a place that has intrigue and character. If you’re keen to bring a fresh new look into the home, you can find inventive ways to bounce colour around through the designs and styles that you choose for your floor.

It can sometimes be daunting shaking things up in the home, however floor tiles are a great way to update and brighten your interior with an eye-catching aesthetic. Stick around to discover all our top tips on introducing colour through flooring.

Get On Trend with Colourful Hexagonal Tiles

It’s time to think outside the box with your floor tile ideas and opt for something eye-catching and geometric. Why not swap four sides for six? Bright hexagonal tiles are great for rooms of all different sizes.

They can be used in the bathroom or kitchen and work fantastically within any interior style, whether it’s a traditional or contemporary setting. Our Varadero Hexagon tiles are particularly great for floors as they provide a subtle pastel finish with a cool geometric pattern for extra wow-factor.

Pictured Varadero

Use Colourful Floor Tiles to Zone Areas

Colourful floor tiles are also a great way to zone areas of your home, especially if you have a large open-plan space. Instead of using different materials, you can simply use a variety of colours or patterns to lend distinction to sections of the room.

If want to discover more ways to zone different areas of your home with tiles, take a look at our blog on how to zone your home for all our top tips and tricks.

Pictured Havana

Try Out Bold Patterned Floor Tiles

Opting for a tile that will stand the test of time in both style and quality is crucial when you’re looking for the perfect floor tile. Patterned floor tiles are a powerful and practical way to bring style and colour into an area that is often reserved for function.

They are also a great alternative for heavy traffic areas such as cloakrooms, hallways, kitchens and bathrooms, as a characterful design can camouflage dirt on the surface, making it less visible. We also recommend opting for a porcelain tile, to make sure that you’re investing in a hard-wearing surface that is easy to clean and maintain all year round.

Pictured Left Havana | Right Varadero

Mix and Match Floor Tiles

For maximum impact, combine geometric and block colours to create a statement surface. Adding extra colour, pattern and texture can elevate a more minimal scheme into something more interesting and quirky.

However, when it comes to mixing and matching statement tiles, it’s important to be selective about what designs you choose and to always consider tones. By following a certain colour palette or sticking to one specific tone, you can create an on-trend space that is bursting with colour in all the right ways.

Pictured top: Left Havana | Right Aspenwood

Pictured bottom: Left Havana | Right Contrasti

From the living room to the kitchen, colourful floor tiles can be incorporated into all areas of the home - even in the most minimalist ways. We hope this blog has challenged you to take the leap and embrace an impressive approach to colour through tiles!

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