How to Pair your Wood-effect Tiles with your Interior Decor

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Wood flooring has such a huge impact on the overall feel of a space and will certainly influence the kind of aesthetic you choose for that room and vice versa. With so many different wood-effect tiles to choose from, I thought I’d share some inspiration for how to pair the colour and style of some of those with the style of your room. Certain looks can jar with the flooring but find the right one and the two work harmoniously to create a cohesive space.

Aspenwood Beige Wood Effect Floor Tiles

This is a beautiful light but warm toned wood effect. The pronounced wood grain gives these tiles a slightly rustic look but with a clean finish, perfect for a modern take on a French farmhouse style room. Think of up-cycled vintage furniture, old ceramic bottles, chunky wooden doors with wrought iron latches, textured linens and tongue and groove walls. 

Aspenwood Beige Wood Effect Floor Tiles

Opt for muted colours with black metal hardware to add definition and brighten the space with creams and off-whites. These high lights and low lights will help to balance the muted wood and soft furnishings. Head to your local charity shops or second hand markets to see if you can find any brown glass bottles or glazed ceramic vases to hold meadow flowers or even just some daisies you found on a walk. The room doesn't need to look cluttered with decorative items but this is certainly not a minimalist look. You want it to feel classic but homely, fresh but cosy. 

Beige Style Interior Scheme

Aspenwood Cherry Floor Tiles in a Traditional Style Moodboard

These wood effect tiles are a gorgeous deep, warm tone that will immediately add a richness to any room. So that the space doesn’t feel too overpowering, opt for light, natural colours and textures to compliment the floor and give a much needed lift. Think of a Spanish villa with light terracottas and worn pottery, olive trees or rosemary plants, washed patterns, raffia details, organic artwork and flowing, white, muslin curtains. 

Aspenwood Cherry Floor Tiles

The aim is for these interiors to look effortlessly beautiful and spacious. Be mindful of adding decorative elements, trying to be deliberate and selective as you want the room to feel spacious and airy, even if your home isn’t particularly large. Whilst the colour palette can be fairly neutral, pick out some warm accent colours to tie in with the cherry tones from the tiles. 

Cherry Wood Tone Interior Inspiration

shelves | wooden doors

Cherry Wood Tone Interior Inspiration

Scandi Calm Interior Inspiration

This is a soft, light wood effect but with a distinct cool tone that lends itself to Scandinavian decor. It’s clean and contemporary which is exactly how the furnishings should look. Keep the colours neutral but add pops of black into the room to add definition and interest.

Aspenwood Grey Wood Effect Floor Tile

Rather than greys and cool beiges, use creams and warm beiges so that the rest of the room doesn’t blend into the Aspenwood Greige tiles and get lost. Add life with greenery from plants like ferns, avocado plants and eucalyptus and embrace abstract sculptural decor and paintings, rather than pattern. The desired look is beautiful but understated and intentional. Minimalism is key but the greenery and art will add personality and keep the decor from feeling flat. 

Soft Grey Wood Interior Inspiration

Soft Grey Wood Interior Inspiration

Antique Luxe Interior Inspiration

These wood effect tiles are the ultimate statement! This striking, dark wood floor needs to be accompanied by equally bold and grand furnishings and for that I’m taking inspiration from high society living, perhaps a taste of stately home grandeur. Minimalism doesn’t feature in this aesthetic. Instead it’s all about vintage patterns, luxe fabrics like velvet and silk, decorative furniture with carved details and brass hardware. 

Aspenwood Dark Wenge Wood Effect Floor Tile

Size matters in this instance so use the entire height of your wall space for large mirrors or framed artwork. Choose a large rug to break up the deep colour of the wood effect tiles and make your flower arrangements big and bold, flowing out of the vase. In this instance I’d say match wooden furniture to the deep colour of the flooring but make sure you have other lighter and brighter tones running through the room. Head to a local vintage market or second hand shop to see what pieces you can pick up. They may just need a sand and varnish or a fresh lick of paint and new handles for them to look perfectly regal and expensive. 

Dark Wenge Colour Interior Inspiration

Dark Wenge Colour Interior Inspiration

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