Our Pick of the Best Patterned Floor Tiles

A popular and characterful interior update, patterned floor tiles inject so much more into homes than you would think. Years ago, tiles were typically laid down for functionality rather than for style, however their aesthetic impact is now just as important as their practical benefits.

Whether you’re recreating an authentic, Victorian-inspired look or simply aiming to achieve a contemporary feel, there is a patterned tile design to suit any style interior. For all the inspiration you need, read our top picks to help you on your way to achieving the perfect patterned flooring look.

Geometric Tile Patterns

A very popular interior design favourite is the geometric pattern. They not only provide the perfect opportunity to be creative in the home but they are also a versatile design choice and come in a variety of patterns, shapes and finishes. All the different styles include squares, rectangles, triangles, diamonds and even pyramids. All of which provide a world of tiling possibilities that will create a distinctive look. You can even use normal rectangular tiles and position them in a certain way to create a geometric-effect. 

Our stunning Cuban collection in particular encompasses tiles in intricate geometric shapes across a subtle colour palette that is perfect for the modern home. The Black Block design is especially striking and can be used individually to adorn the floor of your hallway. It can be paired with rich teal tones and contemporary touches for the ultimate take on the latest trends.

Bold Geometric Pattern Floor Tiles

Pictured Top left: Cuban White Star | Others: Cuban Black Block

Floral Tile Patterns

The perfect way of adding intrigue to your floor is through floral tiles. These beautifully decorated tiles will fit seamlessly into rustic, modern farmhouse, bohemian and even traditional interior schemes – delivering a flooring focal point that evokes nature and perennial beauty.

Our lovely Havana range allows you to experiment with this playful look, whilst maintaining a calming and modern colour palette. The gorgeous Silver Ornate tile from the Havana collection has been beautifully finished with swirling floral patterns in a soothing colour palette of soft blue, white and grey shades. The subtle tones work exceptionally across floors, creating a real designer statement.

Neutral Understated Pattern Floor Tiles

Pictured Clockwise from left: Cuban Silver Sky, Havana Silver Ornate, Contrasti Tappeto Grigio, Havana White Flower

Hexagon Tile Patterns

Take to the floor with hex appeal! It’s no secret that the hexagon tile is one of the most popular tile designs at the moment and is certainly one of our favourites. Without having to commit to bold overpowering patterns, they are great for creating an eye-catching floor design in your home. 

If you’re using hexagon tiles on the floor you can also easily break up areas of the room by changing up materials and colours. Most transitional floors use hardwood as the starting materials, and you can then use hexagon floor tiles to create a gradual transition and open up the space. 

For those keen to take on the patterned hex look, our stunning new Varadero tiles in Moonlight Matt, Grey Matt, Mint Matt, Rose Matt and Azure Matt will each revive spaces with geometric pattern and a subtle pop of vibrancy. The eye-catching colours work wonderfully within a main family bathroom, with statement brassware, soft toned colour palettes and a curvaceous freestanding bath to complement.

Hex Pattern Colourful Floor Tiles

So that’s our pick of the best patterned floors tiles for you to consider in your home. If you would like to find out more about our expansive pattern tile collection, you find out more here.

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