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5 of the Best Flooring Style Ideas

When it comes to flooring options, tiles are an incredibly popular choice. Alongside being incredibly strong and durable, tiles will deliver a sophisticated and characterful finish to the floors of any home.

Choosing the right floor tile will have a huge impact on the overall look of your home, so it can often be difficult to make the decision between colours, size and placement, not to mention what style and look to go for! Which is why we are here to help.

We have brought together five of the best flooring style ideas to help out and guide you through your style-making. Keep scrolling for all the inspiration you need!

Contemporary & On Trend

Your flooring can be the secret key to creating the perfect look. Although styles are constantly evolving, there are some modern tile designs that will remain on trend for years to come, and so should definitely be considered if you’re going for a contemporary aesthetic.

We particularly love a neutral colour palette, layering various neutral shades to create a tone-on-tone look. Our lovely Kingston, Nebula and Tundra Sky marble-effect floor tiles each offer a natural and understated appeal that will perfectly complement modern interior schemes. 

If neutral isn’t quite your style and you want to make more of a statement, opting for a bold block colour palette is equally as striking. Colourful floor tiles can easily create an eye-catching feel that will liven up any room. Our statement Contrasti Tappetto Ottanio tiles in an aqua shade will provide the perfect look for this style. Pair them with modern modular units, contrasting white ceramics and statement accessories for a sought-after look.

Contemporary and On Trend Floor Tiles

Pictured Top left: Marmori Calacatta White Matt | Bottom left: Kingston White Matt | Right: Contrasti Tapetto Ottanio

Embrace Country-style Surfaces

Who doesn’t love a country-style home? The rustic cosiness exudes a feeling of nostalgia and warmth, and the perfect floor tile choice can really help complete the look. 

You can go for natural textured materials such as wood-effect tiles or even more decorative ornate styles. Our lovely Havana and Cuban floor tile options offer a wistful farmhouse aesthetic that can be paired with a statement butler sink, sage green cabinetry and textured wood worktops for classy country character.

Country Style Floor Tiles

Pictured Top left: Aspenwood Beige | Bottom left: Cuban White Ornate | Right: Cuban Silver Star

Get the Industrial Look

In recent years, the industrial interior trend has been driven towards achieving a cool and loft-like feel within the home. In particular, concrete-effect tiling encapsulates this trend. It works especially well across kitchens as it provides the perfect blank canvas for other industrial style elements.

Our Loft range is the perfect floor tile for this type of setting! The glazed porcelain tiles come in a range of different shades that can either be mixed or matched or kept consistent with one simple colour throughout.

Minimalist in Style

Exuding a soothing vibe, minimalist interior design involves using the bare essentials to create a look that is simple and uncluttered. Homeowners that embrace the minimalist look often combine an open floor plan look with lots of neutral-toned furniture and light tiles that will create a sense of visual calm.

Across the CTD Tiles portfolio we have a range of white and white marble-effect tiles and that will assist in giving off this exact look. Known for its timeless beauty, the sophisticated Marmori range offers marble minimalism alongside a seamless transition from room to room. The large-format marble tiles not only offer effortless continuation of style but they also discretely enhance interiors with the subtle veining found across the surface, giving off a luxurious look. The result can be something of opulence!

Modern Minimalist Floor Tiles

Pictured Top left: Kursaal Slate Soft Grip | Top right: Marmori Calacatta White | Bottom: Aspenwood Greige

A Traditional Statement

Traditional tiles have also become increasingly popular in the past few years, they provide an easy option to revamp a room and completely change the style.

During the Victorian era, architectural designed tiles were used across interiors to offset a luxury look, particularly across townhouses and regency villas. The bold intricate patterns that were used then, now provide inspiration for many of the retro-style tiles which are seen across current 21st century homes.

Inspired by traditional encaustic tiles, our Cuban range is perfect for more classical schemes, the collection celebrates intricate geometric shapes in a subtle colour palette that works beautifully as the flooring for a fireplace or across any living area in the home. The look can be further enhanced with shades of dutch blue as well as delft-inspired details.
So, these are the 5 floor style ideas to keep in mind when renovating your home. For more inspiration, take a look at our expansive collection of floor tiles here.

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