Get the Look: Statement Cloakrooms

Date: June 9th, 2022 CTD Tiles
bathroom wall tiles

Poitiers Indigo Gloss Tile

As the saying goes, good things come in small packages - and when it comes to cloakrooms we completely agree. 2022 is the year to embrace your little space and fill it with colour and pattern. Read on for some fun ideas to spruce up your room!

Let There be Colour

coloured bathroom wall tiles
Image Credits: (Left) Poitiers Green Gloss Tile | (Right) Catherine Rowe Designs

Smaller rooms are the perfect place to have fun and be experimental with colour. Thanks to their size, bold colour is not overwhelming and can energise the room and make it feel bigger.

You could spread your favourite bold colour across all of the walls to make a big impact, paint half the wall, or introduce colourful bathroom tiles.

Alternatively, use pops of colour in wallpaper and accessories. For best results, choose a colour scheme of similar tones, for example jewel tones or a pastel palette.

A Pinch of Playful Pattern

pattered bathroom wall tiles
Credits: (Left) Varadero Rose Hexagon Tile | (Right)

Get creative by introducing some fun to the walls or floors, or both! Pattern adds detail and interest to a room, making it more exciting to be in. Ideal for cloakrooms where you can dare to be bolder, consider using detailed prints or applying patterned tiles to the walls and floors.

For a more subtle statement, metro wall tiles can be laid in quirky formats like herringbone. You can get a bolder effect by choosing tiles which have a patterned design on their surface.

Or if you prefer to go all-out and opt for the maximalist look, choose a tile you love and apply to both the walls and floors. This will create a beautiful seamless finish. If you choose this look, try keeping details and accessories simple and in complementary colour tones.

Another way to showcase some pattern is by choosing a printed wallpaper. With so many wallpaper options available, when choosing a paper to complement your cloakroom we recommend narrowing down your options by deciding on your colour scheme first, and then picking a paper to match.

Fun Fixtures

bathroom wall tiles
Image Credits: (Left) Buxy Antracita Hexagon Tile | (Right) Pinterest

Another way to give character to your cloakroom is through the fixtures. Choose hardware with an interesting finish such as brushed stainless steel, gold or matt black to make your little room sparkle.

Try to choose hardware with a finish that sits nicely within your scheme, by either blending them in with the chosen style or choosing a stronger finish that stands out against it.

To do this, think of the colours and finishes you’ve already chosen, are they dark or bright? Matt or gloss? Then decide whether you want your fixture to blend in or stand out. For example, if you’ve gone for dark matt finishes and jewel tones, matt black hardware would blend in nicely whereas a brass or gold finish would contrast and pop.

Adventurous Accessories

splash back bathroom tiles
Credits: (Left) Contrasti Ottanio Tile | (Right) @annepearsondesign

Finally, add some eye-catching accessories for extra impact. Colour, texture and pattern can be brought in through various accessories like artwork, lighting and mirrors. Framed artwork is not a usual choice for a bathroom but works very well in a cloakroom, where it won't be damaged by hot steam from the bath or shower. You can use artwork to tie in accent colours from your scheme or just to add extra interest to the room.

To finish the cloakroom, a mirror is a must. When sourcing a mirror for the space, keep in mind the mirror is usually the focal point of a cloakroom so don’t be afraid to try something bold! A larger mirror will make the space seem bigger, a key consideration if your conscious of making the most of a smaller space.

To create a really polished look; complement the room with hand towels which match the colours you’ve chosen for the space. If you’ve going for a bolder look, this can be a really nice way to tie in accent colours, and make the theme look balanced and coherent.

We hope our design ideas give you some inspiration to help transform your cloakroom!

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