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Are Your Wall Tiles Suitable For Any Room?

All our wall tiles are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms as well as other living areas. We stock a variety of tile sizes from small to large wall tiles, lots of material options, designs and features, allowing you to achieve your desired look for any space. The high quality of our walls tiles means that they are able to be used in any room.

What thickness are wall tiles?

A large percentage of tiles produced today are Porcelain and can be laid onto wall and floor, a small percentage of tiles produced are Ceramic for Wall only and can vary in thickness from 6mm to 12mm.It is important to note that a 6mm tile will only be used in small format tile 150x150 for instance, a 10mm tile will be used in a larger format 600x300 tile, 6mm in a 600x300 tile would break in carriage and handling.

Can I use a wall tile on a floor?

No, however, you can use floor tiles on walls. It’s due to the strength of the tile and the amount of wear it receives could cause cracking of a wall tile used on floor. A high traffic area using wall tiles would crack quickly.

What colour wall tiles are in trend?

Looking to try the monochrome trend? Traffic is the perfect porcelain for creating a continuous look throughout your home. Want to bring texture to your walls? Our Stix collection crafts a delicater or bold modern look with contrasting shades and refined textures. Or if you're inspired by the natural stone trend our Quarz collection includes natural fluid rigato reliefs tiles for a textured effect.
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GEMINI Wall Tiles...Tiles with style

Our advice when selecting wall tiles is to consider all sizes and materials as nearly all tiles can be used on walls. Perfect if you’re looking to synchronise your wall and floor. Make a feature wall by mixing colours, adding patterns and using textured tiles are all fantastic options. Use our Tile Visualiser to help with design options and order free samples with no obligation to buy.

Wall Tile Style - Hints & Tips

Let us inspire you…with our fantastic collection of GEMINI Wall Tiles.

We aim to make your journey quick and simple to help you find the right wall tile. Our simple filter options are designed to guide you and help narrow down the tile choices to exactly what you’ve been looking for.

If you need some inspiration, browse through our Inspirational blogs & trends for up to date style advice and browse the latest looks that may inspire you.
…and if you’re still uncertain, order your free samples, visit one of our stores nationwide where one of our expert advisers will be more than happy to help.

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