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Get the Gemini Tiles look for less with our Tile Offers

On trend wall and floor tiles brought together in our latest sale to help you achieve your ideal interior look for less with our collection of quality tiles at affordable prices. Our tiles range from wall options to solid and durable floor tile options, all available at an even further discounted price. Some of our ranges offer the complete package including Wall, Floor and Décor tiles. Selected items available for purchase online - lots more in-store!

If you’re looking to renovate your complete bathroom and kitchen or just looking for a suitable tile for a one-off project, you’ll find it here in our tile offers. We'll continue to add to the collection with some great discontinued tiles and some clearance bathroom and kitchen tiles suitable for use on walls and floors. These discounted tiles won't last forever!

All of our tile ranges on offer have limited stock, so grab a bargain when you can.

*was price reflects Jan - June 2019 tile prices
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Natura Ignea Polished Porcelain Tile - 600x300mm

Code: B0033996
£1.80 each
£9.99 per m2
£14.38 per box

Minimal Dots Beige Border Tile - 150x60mm

Code: A0011380
£0.50 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x125mm

Code: B0015086
£25.00 each

Elegant Beige Border 1 Tile - 600x40mm

Code: B0015092
£11.99 each

City Touchstone Beige Tile - 600x600mm

Code: A0017925
£11.15 each
£31.00 per m2
£58.90 per box
£44.59 per box

Craquele Marfil Tile - 150x75mm

Code: B0033718
£0.22 each
£19.99 per m2
£79.12 per box
£22.80 per box

Maksi Dotti Beige Tile - 300x300mm

Code: B0022024
£1.08 each
£11.99 per m2
£38.69 per box
£11.87 per box

Block Beige Structured Tile - 300x300mm

Code: B0032912
£1.82 each
£19.99 per m2
£49.86 per box
£21.80 per box

Lisbon Plain Beige Tile - 96x96mm

Code: B0005723
£0.20 each
£19.99 per m2
£62.58 per box
£19.99 per box

Imitations Sorcha Satin Tile - 600x300mm

Code: A0010492
£6.47 each
£35.99 per m2
£43.22 per box
£32.37 per box

Room Cord Check Tile - 800x400mm

Code: B0042150
£9.58 each
£29.99 per m2
£106.08 per box
£38.33 per box

Jura Beige - Multi-Format Tile

Code: B0041768
£44.99 each
£44.99 per box
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