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Rubi 4 in 1 Working Table

Code: D0009791
£183.00 each

Rubi Washboy Sponge Float Pro - Square Cut

Code: D0005269
£7.79 each

Rubi Replacement Superpro Sponge

Code: D0009407
£6.35 each

Rubi Grout Float with Replacement Superpro Sponge

Code: D0009406
£9.59 each

Rubi T Tile Spacers (1000 Bag) - 2mm

Code: D0008435
£7.19 each

Ultra Trade Mixing Bucket - 25ltr

Code: C0002854
£5.63 each

Rubi Rubberbuck Industrial Mixing Bucket - 12ltr

Code: D0010649
£9.59 each

Rubi Kanguro Tough Mixing Bucket - 12ltr

Code: D0005261
£5.10 each

Rubi Kanguro Tub Mixing Bucket - 40ltr

Code: D0006319
£5.99 each

Rubi Kanguro Rubber Tub Mixing Bucket - 33ltr

Code: D0006320
£11.99 each

Rodo Mixing Pot - 5ltr

Code: D0010984
£2.39 each

Rodo Mixing Pot - 2.5ltr

Code: D0010983
£2.10 each

Rodo Yellow Builders Bucket - 3 Gallon

Code: D0010982
£3.59 each

Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle M-120 R 3H - 600mm

Code: D0009405
£22.79 each

Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle M-80 3H - 400mm

Code: D0009404
£16.79 each

Rubi E-10 Energy Spare Battery 18V

Code: D0010960
£87.54 each

Rubi Rubimix E-10 Energy Electric Mixer

Code: D0010868
£323.94 each

Rubimix 16 Ergomax Mixer (No Case) - 230v

Code: D0005095
£179.99 each

Rubimix 16 Ergomax Mixer (No Case) - 110v

Code: D0008528
£179.99 each

Rubi Standard Flat Pencil

Code: D0003544
£0.66 each

Rubi Long Leg Tile Spacers (1000 Bag) - 2mm

Code: D0004330
£8.39 each

Rubi Tile Spacers (1000 Bag) - 3mm

Code: D0003144
£9.59 each

Rubiflex Stainless Steel Jagged Trowel - 12mm

Code: D0001607
£16.79 each

Rubiflex Stainless Steel Jagged Trowel - 3mm

Code: D0001604
£16.79 each

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