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A collection of tiling tools and accessories to help you with your tiling job. We show only a selection on our website and would recommend visiting one of our stores for advice and a more comprehensive selection. Click here to find your nearest store.

Rubi 4 in 1 Working Table

Code: D0009791
£183.00 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Pliers

Code: D0007155
£16.79 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Strips (100 Pack)

Code: D0006420
£15.59 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Caps (100 Pack)

Code: D0006421
£14.39 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Kit

Code: D0006419
£45.59 each

Rubiflex Tape Measure - 5m

Code: D0005058
£5.99 each

Prodec Silver Duct Tape - 50mm

Code: D0010995
£4.19 each

Rodo Masking Tape - 50m x 50mm

Code: D0010994
£2.99 each

Rubi Washboy Sponge Float Pro - Square Cut

Code: D0005269
£7.79 each

Rubi Replacement Superpro Sponge

Code: D0009407
£6.35 each

Rubi Grout Float with Replacement Superpro Sponge

Code: D0009406
£9.59 each

Rubi T Tile Spacers (1000 Bag) - 2mm

Code: D0008435
£7.19 each

Rodo Refuse Sacks (10 roll)

Code: D0010977
£2.39 each

Rodo Heavy Duty Rubble Sacks (10 roll)

Code: D0010976
£4.79 each

Rodo Mini Roller Kit

Code: D0010966
£3.59 each

Rodo Prodec Disposable Overshoes (5 pairs)

Code: D0010996
£2.99 each

Rubiscraper Grout Remover - 230v

Code: D0007315
£119.94 each

Rodo Poly Backed Cotton Twill Dust Sheet - 12x9ft

Code: D0010992
£10.79 each

Rodo Super Twill Staircase Dust Sheet - 24x3ft

Code: D0010991
£9.59 each

Rodo Super Twill Dust Sheet - 12x9ft

Code: D0010990
£9.59 each

Rodo Protector Mini Dust Sheet - 6x3ft

Code: D0010989
£4.79 each

Rodo Job Done Multi-purpose Block Brush

Code: D0010967
£3.59 each

Rubiflex Tape Measure - 8m

Code: D0005972
£9.59 each

Rubi Standard Flat Pencil

Code: D0003544
£0.66 each

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