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For the DIY enthusiast preparing your tiling area with primers and levelling compound will make sure the surface area is ready for tiling. Waterproofing should also be considered for bathrooms and wet rooms. We show only a selection on our website and would recommend visiting one of our stores for advice and a more comprehensive selection. Click here to find your nearest store.

UltraScape ProPrime Slurry - 20kg

Code: C0003058
£20.40 each

Rubi 4 in 1 Working Table

Code: D0009791
£183.00 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Pliers

Code: D0007155
£16.79 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Strips (100 Pack)

Code: D0006420
£15.59 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Caps (100 Pack)

Code: D0006421
£14.39 each

Rubi Tile Levelling Quick Kit

Code: D0006419
£45.59 each

Ultra Trade Mixing Bucket - 25ltr

Code: C0002854
£5.63 each

Rubi Rubberbuck Industrial Mixing Bucket - 12ltr

Code: D0010649
£9.59 each

Rubi Kanguro Tough Mixing Bucket - 12ltr

Code: D0005261
£5.10 each

Rubi Kanguro Tub Mixing Bucket - 40ltr

Code: D0006319
£5.99 each

Rubi Kanguro Rubber Tub Mixing Bucket - 33ltr

Code: D0006320
£11.99 each

Rodo Mixing Pot - 5ltr

Code: D0010984
£2.39 each

Rodo Mixing Pot - 2.5ltr

Code: D0010983
£2.10 each

Rodo Yellow Builders Bucket - 3 Gallon

Code: D0010982
£3.59 each

Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle M-120 R 3H - 600mm

Code: D0009405
£22.79 each

Rubi Mortar Mixer Paddle M-80 3H - 400mm

Code: D0009404
£16.79 each

Rubi E-10 Energy Spare Battery 18V

Code: D0010960
£87.54 each

Rubi Rubimix E-10 Energy Electric Mixer

Code: D0010868
£323.94 each

Rubimix 16 Ergomax Mixer (No Case) - 230v

Code: D0005095
£179.99 each

Rubimix 16 Ergomax Mixer (No Case) - 110v

Code: D0008528
£179.99 each

BAL Tile Backer Board White - 1200x600x12mm

Code: D0009080
£13.13 each

BAL Tile Backer Board White - 1200x600x6mm

Code: D0009079
£11.70 each

Ultra Trade Fibre Floor Leveller - 20kg

Code: C0002791
£18.34 each

Ultra Trade Level One Floor Leveller - 20kg

Code: C0002790
£14.10 each

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