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  • Natural Stone Kitchen Wall Tile Image

    Slate Tiles for Living Areas

    Suitable for both walls and floors, and available in a random laying pattern made up of three stone sizes.

Create a warm and inviting space for your living room!
Remaining effortlessly stylish, balance a monochrome colour palette with natural materials and minimal ornamentation for a scheme that exudes a classically Scandinavian approach to interior design. Suitable for both walls and floors.
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Marshalls Dalian Grey Slate Natural Cleft Tile - 3 Way Opus

Code: A0008451
£20.04 each
£20.04 per box

Marshalls Nero Slate Tile - 600x300mm

Code: A0008460
£5.21 each

Marshalls Nero Slate Natural Cleft Tile - 600x600mm

Code: A0008463
£12.89 each

Marshalls Nero Slate Natural Cleft Tile - 3 Way Opus

Code: A0008458
£24.26 each
£24.26 per box

Marshalls Rustic Multi Colour Slate Natural Cleft Tile - 600x400mm

Code: A0008389
£10.06 each
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