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  • Natural Stone Marshalls Mosaic Tiles For Walls

    Mosaic Natural Stone Wall Tiles

    Use this stunning collection of natural stone mosaics for walls throughout your home!

  • Natural Stone Mosaic Tile for Walls

    Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles for Walls

    Cut into strips and use as a boarder, create a feature wall or a modern splash back in bathrooms and kitchens.

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Marshalls Pearl Natural Shell Mosaic - 25x25x8mm (Sheetsize 295x295mm)

Marshalls Pearl Natural Shell Mosaic Tile - 25x25mm (Sheet 295x295mm)

Code: A0009036
£29.62 each
Marshalls Andorra Mosaic Brushed - 25x25x10mm (Sheetsize 305x305mm)

Marshalls Andorra Mosaic Brushed Tile - 25x25mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009003
£16.00 each

Marshalls Arena Brick Mosaic Tile - 30x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009006
£26.66 each

Marshalls Artemis Glass Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (Sheet 295x295mm)

Code: A0009007
£22.98 each

Marshalls Dahli Black Brick Mosaic Honed Tile - 20x10mm (Sheet 286x286mm)

Code: A0009013
£29.11 each

Marshalls Harlequin Brick Mosaic Tumbled Tile - 30x10mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009019
£27.20 each

Marshalls Harlequin Mosaic Polished Tile - 25x25mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009020
£26.66 each

Marshalls Koray Mosaic Tile - 100x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009022
£19.34 each

Marshalls Kyoto Mosaic Tile - 23x23mm (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0009023
£25.52 each

Marshalls Lin Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009024
£26.66 each

Marshalls Milano Trinity Mosaic Tile - (Sheet 295x290mm)

Code: A0009028
£21.30 each

Marshalls Oyster Stick Mosaic Cleft Tile - (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0009032
£26.69 each
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