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  • mosaics

    Natural Stone Mosaics

    Lin mosaic part of the Natural Stone collection take inspiration for your kitchen space?

  • Natural Stone Mosaic Tiles

    Natural Stone Mosaics

    Natural Stone Mosaics - Perfection in a small space.

  • mosaics

    Natural Stone Mosaics

    Arena Mosaics make the most perfect feature in your home

Explore this huge collection of mosaics, mosaics provide the opportunities for you to be creative when tiling walls, floors and wetroom areas.

Use your mosaic tile as a border tile by cutting the sheet or to create a feature area to transform any room.  

The Mosaics within this range include a mixture of: Marble, Travertine, Stone, Natural Shell, Glass, Limestone and Stainless Steel. 
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Marshalls Pearl Natural Shell Mosaic - 25x25x8mm (Sheetsize 295x295mm)

Marshalls Pearl Natural Shell Mosaic Tile - 25x25mm (Sheet 295x295mm)

Code: A0009036
£29.62 each
Marshalls Andorra Mosaic Brushed - 25x25x10mm (Sheetsize 305x305mm)

Marshalls Andorra Mosaic Brushed Tile - 25x25mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009003
£16.00 each

Marshalls Arena Brick Mosaic Tile - 30x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009006
£26.66 each

Marshalls Artemis Glass Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (Sheet 295x295mm)

Code: A0009007
£22.98 each

Marshalls Dahli Black Brick Mosaic Honed Tile - 20x10mm (Sheet 286x286mm)

Code: A0009013
£29.11 each

Marshalls Harlequin Brick Mosaic Tumbled Tile - 30x10mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009019
£27.20 each

Marshalls Harlequin Mosaic Polished Tile - 25x25mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009020
£26.66 each

Marshalls Koray Mosaic Tile - 100x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009022
£19.34 each

Marshalls Kyoto Mosaic Tile - 23x23mm (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0009023
£25.52 each

Marshalls Lin Mosaic Tile - 15x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009024
£26.66 each

Marshalls Milano Trinity Mosaic Tile - (Sheet 295x290mm)

Code: A0009028
£21.30 each

Marshalls Oyster Stick Mosaic Cleft Tile - (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0009032
£26.69 each
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