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  • quarry tiles outside chairs

    Quarry Floor Tiles

    Perfect for extending your living area from inside to outside

  • quarry tiles laid on the floor

    Conservatory Floor Quarry Tiles

    Hard wearing classic quarry tiles. This hard-fired natural tile range available in black, brown and red.

Introduction to quarry tiles

Quarry tiles are a durable and rustic looking tile perfect for your floor. Bring a rural look to your home's flooring with our red, brown or black quarry tile options. 

Why quarry tiles?

Quarry tiles have the added benefit of being non slip and due to their unglazed nature, very easy to maintain. This makes them the perfect heavy use flooring option, as well as being great for areas exposed to a wider range of temperatures and climates such as the bathroom, patio or conservatory.

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Quarry Brown Flat Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015879
£1.14 each
£49.99 per m2
£25.00 per box

Quarry Black Flat Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0034880
£1.14 each
£49.99 per m2
£25.00 per box

Quarry Red Flat Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015598
£1.02 each
£44.99 per m2
£22.50 per box

Quarry Brown RE Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015880
£1.69 each

Quarry Black RE Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0034881
£1.69 each

Quarry Red RE Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015599
£1.69 each

Quarry Brown REX Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015881
£7.00 each

Quarry Black REX Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0034882
£7.00 each

Quarry Red REX Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015600
£7.00 each

Quarry Brown Cove Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015882
£2.99 each

Quarry Black Cove Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0034883
£2.99 each

Quarry Red Cove Tile - 150x150mm

Code: B0015601
£2.99 each
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