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Get creative with endless designs using our wide range of Mosaics.

Consider using your mosaic tile as a border tile by cutting the sheet or to create a feature area to enhance your room.

These luxurious tiles are back in fashion in 2018 and are here to stay. View our full range of Gemini Mosaics.
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Marshalls Naomi Premier Mosaic Tile - 28.5x25mm (Sheet 290x280mm)

Code: A0011427
£26.90 each

Marshalls Harlequin Brick Mosaic Tumbled Tile - 30x10mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009019
£26.54 each

Marshalls Tyrol Mosaic Tile - 30x15mm (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0010265
£24.04 each

Marshalls Arena Brick Mosaic Tile - 30x15mm (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0009006
£26.02 each
Valmont Hexagon Mosaic Tile | Marble Mosaic for Bathrooms

Marshalls Valmont Marble Hexagon Mosaic Tile - 46x53mm (Sheet 330x280mm)

Code: A0015180
£12.44 each

Marshalls Coromell Mosaic Tile - 48x23mm (Sheet 295x295mm)

Code: A0012510
£22.30 each

Marshalls Tokyo Mosaic Tile - 48x48mm (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0009047
£26.54 each

Marshalls Milano Trinity Mosaic Tile - (Sheet 295x290mm)

Code: A0009028
£20.78 each

Marshalls Samiel Mosaic Tile - (Sheet 297x297mm)

Code: A0012511
£14.24 each

Marshalls Oyster Stick Mosaic Cleft Tile - (Sheet 300x300mm)

Code: A0009032
£26.04 each

Marshalls Costello Mosaic Tile - (Sheet 305x305mm)

Code: A0010252
£32.68 each
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