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Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

Hexagon Bathroom Tiles

Date: November 9th, 2018 CTD Tiles | Tags: hexagon tile, bathroom tiles, Buxy collection, Gemini, textured tiles

Buxy Anthracita Hexagon tile with sink

The latest addition to the Gemini Tiles collection, Buxy introduces texture to the home with a subtle hexagon design and complementary tiles featuring a softly textured tile surface. Designed to consider the latest interior trends, geometric prints and stone-effect finishes have been gaining in popularity and are a great way to add interest and style to the bathroom. As one of two designs within the Buxy collection, the hexagon patterns are paired with plain textured tiles in two sizes, which can then be mixed and matched together to achieve a cohesive design scheme. 

Buxy tiles in the bathroom

Available in three versatile colour options, the Buxy Hexagon tiles include the neutral tones of Perla, pale grey of Gris and dark, graphite grey of the Antracita design. Celebrating a rustic aesthetic, each tile features subtle variations in colour and a three-dimensional finish that reveals a tactile surface quality. The textured tiles within the range are designed to complement the hive of hexagons, with an understated aesthetic reminiscent of natural stone. The neutral colour palette throughout provides the perfect backdrop for any bathroom setting or kitchen space and can then be paired with bright pops of colour to make a statement, or kept neutral for a minimal design scheme. 

Buxy tiles behind a sink Bathrrom layout with Buxy hexagon tiles

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