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How To Style Brick Tiles 5 Ways

How To Style Brick Tiles 5 Ways

Date: May 18th, 2018 CTD Tiles | Tags: tiles, tile ideas, tile layouts, tile patterns, tile inspiration, tile decor, home ideas, how to, interior design, brick tiles, metro, subway, chevron, herringbone, vertical, stacked, style, youtube
When deciding how to style your project, selecting your tiles is only half the job! Rectangular “brick” tiles - such as Bevel Brick Metro - offer the most opportunities for experimenting with layout, and you can completely transform the look of your room with the tiling pattern you choose. 

Watch our short video to discover five simple ways to style your tiling project… 

Feeling inspired?

Try out different tile layouts for yourself using our online GEMINI Blueprint design tool. You can arrange your favourite tiles in multiple patterns and create a complete look to work towards. 

Here are a few suggestions…
Picture of a bathroom with subway tiles

Achieve the classic Victorian look by organising your tiles in a subway pattern. Contrasting grout – such as dark grey with white tiles - will make a feature of the layout. 

To achieve this look on Blueprint, select “brick” in the pattern options.
Picture of a bathroom with vertical tiles

Applying your wall tiles vertically will emphasise the height of your room. 

On Blueprint select “grid” in the pattern options, then rotate the pattern angle 90 degrees.
Picture of a bathroom with vertical brick third tiles

Vertical – Brick Thirds
Take things one step further by offsetting the tile layout by a third. This creates an ascending effect which draws the eye.

On Blueprint select “brick thirds” in the pattern options, and then rotate the pattern angle 90 degrees.

Start designing now with GEMINI Blueprint.

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